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Frozen pizza on the grill | How to grill a pizza?

Frozen pizza on the grill. Why has frozen pizza become popular right now? One of the factors is that time has gone wild right now. We appreciate our time, and we know that time doesn’t come back. So, cooking a frozen pizza is simple, and I didn’t get much time to cook it. Most working men and women and also working parents always put one to three frozen pizzas in the fridge.

It will save more time while having much work to do. Frozen pizza can be the best solution for a quick dinner, late snack at night, or maybe occasional weekend lunch. But, the more important thing is how you cook the frozen pizza, because not every frozen pizza is nice. It must support the best method or technique in cooking. Also, it didn’t throw away the flexibility and utility of frozen pizza itself.

What is frozen pizza?

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Before we go through the process of grilling frozen pizza, we must know what frozen pizza is. Actually, frozen pizza existed well back in the 1950s. After the second world war, the idea of refrigerator pizzas came. This idea comes to overcome the quick freezing dough with an uneven dough texture when cooked. Frozen pizza has slightly come to life, and most companies try to develop it to become the best and good frozen food. It made everyone familiar with frozen pizza until now. 

Cooking frozen pizza on the grill

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The best method is cooking the frozen pizza on the grill. Why is it becoming the best method? Because it can make the pizza taste unique, also it will be special food for you and your family. But it can’t be possible during rush hour or in the morning of a weekday. It is possible and effective if you use the microwave for cooking the frozen pizza. Don’t worry, and I will talk about some possible ways of cooking frozen pizza. Start by cooking it on the grill, microwave, and also with an oven.

How to cook frozen pizza on the grill?

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On grilling, we need a special technique, especially on grilling the frozen pizza. This time we will talk about how to make a perfect grilled pizza. It will include some tips, steps, ingredients, and how to start grilling it. First, we talk about the kinds of grills we have, some of us have a charcoal and gas grill, or maybe we get both of them. For a charcoal grill, you need to build a mound of charcoal to cover the bottom of the grill. When the charcoal is completely hot, divide them to each side of the grill. Make the center grill free from the charcoal. Next, for the gas grill, set the grill on medium direct heat or medium-low setting. Also, it is possible to set on medium indirect heat.

Steps to cooking a frozen pizza on the grill

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To grill a pizza, first, you need a Frozen Pizza itself. It is a list of frozen pizzas you can buy on the market: 

  1. California Pizza Kitchen Bbq Chicken Pizza
  2. Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni Pizza
  3. California Pizza Kitchen White Pizza
  4. Tony’s Pepperoni Pizza

We jump to steps on grilling a frozen pizza on the grill:

1. Pre-heat your grill for 8-10 minutes with a closed lid.

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2. Check the grill temperature with a thermometer probe inside the grill; make sure the temperature is at a minimum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

3. Open the packaging of the frozen pizza.

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4. When the grill is at a proper pre-heated temperature, you can put the pizza directly in the center of the grill rack, then close the lid.

5. Next, turn 90 degrees of pizza (one-quarter turn), place the pizza back on the center of the grill rack, and close the lid.

6. Use your food thermometer to verify the pizza temperature; the pizza must reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. 

7. If the pizza’s internal temperature has not reached 160 degrees Fahrenheit, add more briquettes and continue to grill the pizza.

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8. Take away the pizza if it reaches the minimum temperature.

9. The frozen pizza is ready to serve.

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How long does it take to cook frozen pizza on a grill?

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It depends on grilling a frozen pizza and what kind of grill you have to determine how long you need to grill the perfect frozen pizza. In this part, we talk about the type of grill, which is charcoal and gas grill.

Charcoal grill

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For charcoal grilling, we use it a variety of times. The ultra-thin frozen pizza uses the time between 6-8 minutes of grilling for cheese and pepperoni topping. But, it can take a longer time for sausage and sausage pepperoni; it can consume 14-16 minutes of grilling. Then, classic pizza can consume more time than an ultra-thin pizza. For cheese and pepperoni, the grilling time will be between 11-13 minutes. And, for the sausage, sausage pepperoni, and Margherita grilling time is 13-15 minutes.

Gas grill

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The gas grill is actually almost the same as a charcoal grill on grilling a frozen pizza. We start on ultra-thin pizza with cheese and pepperoni topping, and it can consume 6-8 minutes. Although it will be fast for sausage and pepperoni, it will only take 8-10 minutes. But, for the classic pizza, it is totally the same as consuming time on grilling. It will be around 11-15 minutes based on the topping of the pizza itself.

Healthy frozen pizza on the grill

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When you come to pick the healthy frozen pizza, it will have several things you need to know. Some of it is important to you to know and must have on the pizza:

  1. Check the crust and topping; please avoid extra cheese on it when buying a healthy frozen pizza. Also, look for more veggies and thinner crust.
  2. We must consider the size of the pizza. You can check the nutrition label to know how many people to serve with one pizza. We move to the sugar and fat content of the frozen pizza; of course, taking care of sugar and fat in our body is an essential thing to do.
  3. Don’t forget about the additives. Some pizzas have several additives on them, so taking care of them is also the most important thing to consider when buying a frozen pizza.

Here is a list of healthy frozen pizzas you can buy:

  1. Amy’s Frozen Margherita Pizza
  2. CAULIFLOWER Margherita Cauliflower Crust Frozen Pizza
  3. Daiya Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Fire Roasted Vegetable Frozen Pizza
  4. Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust Four Cheese Frozen Pizza
  5. California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust Margherita
  6. California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust BBQ Recipe Chicken Frozen Pizza
  7. Newman’s Own Thin & Crispy Crust Four Cheese Frozen Pizza
  8. DiGiorno Pepperoni Frozen Pizza with Rising Crust
  9. California Pizza Kitchen Gluten Free Crispy Thin Crust BBQ Recipe Chicken Frozen Pizza
  10. Sweet Earth Natural Foods Frozen Veggie Lover’s Pizza

How to bake a frozen pizza?

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When cooking the frozen pizza, you do not only use a grill. You can bake your frozen pizza with your pan or microwave. It was easier and didn’t consume more time to make it. It is more flexible for breakfast or during rush hour. We will talk more about it, how to cook the frozen pizza on a pan and microwave. 

1. Pan

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You can bake your frozen pizza with your pan. Also, most households have at least one pan in their home. To bake a frozen pizza on your pan, first put half a cup of oil onto the pan and lay a frozen pizza on it. Don’t forget to remove the packaging of the frozen pizza first. Then, cook it under low to medium heat. Cook the pizza for about 15-20 minutes. Wait until the pizza is baked perfectly. Don’t forget always to check the internal temperature of the pizza and the heat of your fan. Last, your pizza is ready to serve to your husband, children, or other family members.

2. Microwave

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Some people can cook a frozen pizza in the microwave in an easy way. You can do it without any cooking guide or cooking skills because the pizza is already seasoned and ready to cook anytime. So, baking the frozen pizza in the microwave can be done with you perfectly. First, let your frozen pizza out of the packaging and thaw it until it reaches room temperature. Then, put the pizza in the microwave to cook for 8-10 minutes. Although, keep in mind the time of baking the frozen pizza is based on the size and thickness of the pizza itself. Generally, you can add two more minutes to make sure that pizza is cooked perfectly. Last, the pizza will be ready to serve, but cooking a frozen pizza in the microwave will have a soft and soggy crust texture.


Despite having a type of processed food, most people like to have fast food in the modern era. One of the fast foods is this frozen food, and it is easy to cook and doesn’t take much time. Although, keep in your mind the healthier and how to cook the frozen pizza. It must be your main focus, also the tools you have at home. You can cook it by grilling or bake it in a pan or microwave. It is based on your appetite and the purpose of cooking the frozen food.

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