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Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas (Country and Modern Kitchen Wallpaper)

Kitchen wallpaper ideas. Today the kitchen be a place for us to spend our family time. Some of us always talk and meet in the kitchen. Kitchen not only place for cooking, but it became the warmest place to meet our whole family. So, the kitchen became an essential place in this era. That’s why we must create our kitchen became a charming, fresh, and sweat area. How we do that?. We can start to decorate our kitchen wall. The kitchen wall is the most crucial area to bring those lovely feelings.

The next questions, how to decorate the kitchen wall?. One of the best and beneficial we can do is applying kitchen wallpaper. But, some of us is uncommon with kitchen wallpaper. Instead, the wallpaper will bring a ton perfect view for our kitchen. Also, the wallpaper will push out money to consume. This article will give you some ideas about kitchen wallpaper, which is it will blow your mind if you see all of that wallpaper design.

Tips for choosing the best kitchen wallpaper:

•    Choose an easy to clean wallpaper

A kitchen must be the cleanest place in your home. One of the parts must look clean is our kitchen wall. With an easy to clean wallpaper, it will make one if your problem diminish.

•    Choose the design of wallpaper does not get outdated

View of our kitchen also is an essential thing. Choosing the trends design wallpaper must be our consideration.

•    Choose the best type of wallpaper

You must select the best material for your kitchen wallpaper. Vynil and Novamura are some typical material of wallpaper. Vynil is the best wallpaper because it is washable and don’t fade over time, but not suitable to be washed with water. Novamura can be another solution.

•    Choose durable wallpaper design

In designing our kitchen will spend a lot of funds. So, choose the durable wallpaper, it will make us don’t spend a lot of money just for the kitchen.

•    Select the pattern and color depending on your want

Some of us spend much time in the kitchen. To make it have a good atmosphere, you must choose the best pattern and color, which is color and pattern you like.

•    Choose the backsplash wallpaper

Our backsplash must be covered by the wallpaper too. So, to choose the best backsplash wallpaper. It will make us enjoying while cooking, dishes, etc.

•    Use the wallpaper which is match with your kitchen style

Have the same rhythm on your kitchen style will make your kitchen look elegant. And it makes you enjoyed to stay in your kitchen.

•    Determining how much wallpaper you need

You must count first, how much wall area you want to covered by wallpaper. So, it will make you choose the best decision in buying it.

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Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2022:

Grey Feature Kitchen Wallpaper

Photos by John Gillooly
2,538 Reviews
NuWallpaper NUS3144 Breezy Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Grey
  • Silhouette botanical design with a modern flair
  • Peel and stick to apply, pull up to remove
  • NuWallpaper is safe for walls and leaves no sticky residue behind

This wallpaper designed for grey kitchen theme. With grey and white color make this wallpaper look very beautiful. The brave placing of wallpaper makes this kitchen fell spacious.

The white color of the cabinets and counters, also the durable grey tile of the floor make those wallpaper perfectly blending with it.

Then, a simple touch of wooden countertops makes this kitchen look natural. Also, the pop-up green color on oven and rug make this kitchen bringing a fresh feeling.

Country Side Wallpaper

Photos by Falls Chruch
3,181 Reviews
AHDECOR White Floating Wall Mounted Shelves, Set of 3 Display...
  • ★Sleek Design: Beautiful white floating shelves are made by premium MDF, coated by eco pure white...
  • ★Sturdy and Durable: These storage ledge shelves are of both aesthetics and reliability. The...
  • ★Easy Assembly: This wall shelf has all the necessary hardware comes along. The display ledge are...

Did you have a big kitchen space?. Try adding this kitchen wallpaper. Creating two different sides of kitchen wallpaper is became famous right now. On the side of backsplash kitchen adding simple leaf wallpaper.

In the other side of the kitchen, you can create pixels pattern wallpaper. With this kitchen, wallpaper ideas will make your kitchen look unique.

This kitchen wallpaper is suitable for modern kitchen style. Also, this wallpaper will be more beautiful if those kitchens have upscale appliances.

Brick Sleek Kitchen Wallpaper

Photos by Michael Alan
1,582 Reviews
Artika OME59B-HD2 4-Pendant Dimmable Indoor Light Fixture with...
  • This 4-pendants integrated LED light has premium bubble glass with a chrome plated finish, 28W, 1400...
  • The product is height (adjustable) from 51 centimeters to 2.1 meter / 20 inches to 82.7 inches with...
  • This dimmable 4-pendants lighting comes with premium bubble glass, no bulb required. Comes with...

You only have limited space free space of the kitchen. Also, you already put wall cabinets in your kitchen. This wallpaper will nice to applying for your kitchen wall.

This sleek brick wallpaper will bring the newest view of your kitchen. It will make your kitchen look cozy and chic.

Then, the combination of white cabinets and that grey brick sleek wallpaper is a perfect match. With this wallpaper make your kitchen look more elegant.

Beautiful Garden Sleek Wallpaper

Photos by Thomas Story
716 Reviews
Orainege Green Floral Contact Paper Green Pattern Peel and Stick...
  • 🌸--[SIZE&MATERIAL]--🌸 17.7In X 196.8In=24.2sq.ft. chic peach tree shape peel and stick...
  • 🌸--[CHIC&RELAXING]--🌸 Delicate and beautiful tree flower and bird pattern,with a fresh green...
  • 🌸--[EASY TO USE]--🌸 Wallpaper adopts high-quality materials and new removable glue.Safe and...

Garden always bring a peaceful atmosphere. How about we bring that atmosphere to our kitchen?. Is it possible?. Absolutely yes, it is possible. Using this sleek garden wallpaper will bring that condition to your kitchen.

With garden theme wallpaper and combined with a green and sleek view. This wallpaper is beautiful for your kitchen. Your kitchen will look fresh and natural.

Also, the support from the big window, make the natural light come to your kitchen as much as it can.

Funky Blue Pattern Wallpaper

Photos by Abbey Construction
40 Reviews
York Wallcoverings Ashford Toiles Old World Toile Prepasted...
  • Sidewalls - Packaged and sold in double rolls
  • 20.5 Inches X 33 Feet = 56 Square Feet; Design Repeat; 20.5 Inches; Design Match: Drop
  • Easy to apply - dip in water to activate

This kitchen wallpaper is delicate and elegant. Only have a simple pattern with blue color; those wallpaper didn’t disturb that kitchen condition. The pure atmosphere of the kitchen ideally come out with the support of that wallpaper.

The full white color of cabinets and decoration make this kitchen look pure. Then, dark marble counter-tops give the elegant touch for this kitchen.

Furthermore, modern kitchen sink above the window also bringing that feeling. This kitchen feels warm and cozy. This kitchen wallpaper and style is very comfortable for you to create it in your kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen Wallpaper Border

Photos by Jeff Robets
202 Reviews
LaCheery 11.8x79in Gray Marble Paper Faux Countertop Peel and...
  • ➤ Features: Easy to Apply, just peel and stick to the object, which will stay for at least five...
  • ➤ Multi-Use: The marble contact paper can be used in backsplash, countertops, cabinets, shelf...
  • ➤ Size & Details: 11.8 x 79 Inches (30cmX2m), total 6.4 square feet. There have grid-lines on...

Are you bored the contemporary kitchen view?. Do you want to fell to a different atmosphere in your kitchen?. The fabulous view can be the best option for you. Some people who lived in the middle of the city, sometimes want to feel natural traditional kitchen style.

But, it will spend a bunch of money to redesign your kitchen. The fastest and cheapest way is to change your kitchen wallpaper. With this wallpaper will create a traditional atmosphere in your kitchen.

Also, it is able for you to combine the wallpaper with a different pattern. But the model must work still in a conventional way.

Modern Delicate Grey Wallpaper

Photos by Rikki Snyder
6,072 Reviews
LONGKING 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash, Vinyl 3D...
  • 1.4 Times coverage areas: the size of the tile is 11.8"x11.8", which covers 40% more area than...
  • Come in box of 10 sheets of self-adhesive tiles in shiny finish, size of each tile: 11.8" X 11.8"
  • Easy DIY, just peel & stick. No grout, no special tools and no mess

Small galley kitchen became famous right now. It can maximize your kitchen space. Also, galley kitchen can make your kitchen look cozier.

But, using kitchen wallpaper will make your kitchen look lovely. The delicate pattern of this wallpaper is the key to make this kitchen look beautiful.

The color of the wallpaper perfectly combined with the galley kitchen style. It makes this kitchen look fresh and bright.

Vintage Funky Kitchen Wallpaper

Photos by Emma & Mick
1,089 Reviews
Orainege Kitchen Wallpaper Peel and Stick Boho Backsplash...
  • 🍭【SIZE&MATERIAL】🍭 16In X 118.1In=12.9sq.ft.Bohemia pattern peel and stick wallpaper. Made...
  • 🍭【UNIQUE DESIGN】🍭 Bohemia wallpaper adapts light white lines to separate the patterns, and...
  • 🍭【EASY TO USE】🍭 Wallpaper adopts high-quality materials and new removable glue. Safe and...

Want to create an old style for your modern kitchen. Try this vintage-style wallpaper; it will make your kitchen look new. This vintage wallpaper will bring old style feeling in your kitchen. Because the pattern of this wallpaper is made based on a traditional view.

Then, the combination of the real condition of the kitchen makes this wallpaper work. Using this wallpaper in this era will be an excellent option for you.

Tropical Feature Wallpaper

Photos by House of Hackney
1,297 Reviews
NuWallpaper NU2906 Maui Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Green
  • Tropical palm and banana leaf print
  • Peel and stick to apply, pull up to remove
  • NuWallpaper is safe for walls and leaves no sticky residue behind

You lived in a tropical place; this wallpaper style is very suitable for you. This tropical kitchen wallpaper inspired by the tropical country. Identic plants of the tropical country are the main pattern of this wallpaper. It will make your kitchen feel like in a tropical place.

Also, the green color of this wallpaper makes your kitchen look natural and fresh. Instead, you can apply this kitchen wallpaper not only in a tropical place. This wallpaper also suitable for you to create in other weather.

Ancient Bricks Kitchen Wallpaper

Photos by Aegis Interior
4,731 Reviews
Coavas Brick Wallpaper Peel and Stick White 17.7x118.1 Inches for...
  • UPGRADE & THICKEN BRICK WALLPAPER – We have made a full range of product upgrades, better quality,...
  • THE BRICKS WILL DO LINE UP – Just find the match at the top of the roll and then go from there....
  • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL – There are numbers on the backside to keep the bricks even and make the...

The galley kitchen is the ideas in this age. Using a galley kitchen style with an island is the simplified design. Also, the color of that galley kitchen is one of the vital points. You can add pop-up color or maybe soft color.

But, this galley kitchen design will bring a blank side in your wall. It is terrible if you didn’t cover it with kitchen wallpaper. Add this kitchen wallpaper will make your kitchen pleasant to look.

Also, the combination of green and white color of the wallpaper also make this kitchen look cheerful.

Country Autumn Forest Wallpaper

Photos by Sustainable
22 Reviews
Amazon Brand – Rivet Mid-Century Dome-Shaped Pendant Light with...
  • This beautiful pendant light features a dome shade finished in highly reflective gold for a sleek,...
  • 11.8"W x 11.8"D x 60"H
  • Metal construction with fabric hanging cord

Using white color in designing your kitchen is perfect. The white color will make your kitchen airy and bright. Also, white color makes your kitchen look pure and clean.

Then, applying autumn forest wallpaper is suitable for this kitchen style. This wallpaper will bring fresh condition in your kitchen.

Moreover, the autumn forest also brings a calm atmosphere to your kitchen. This kitchen wallpaper is the best breakthrough idea for white kitchen style.

Green Lantern Wallpaper Borders

Photos by Lisbet
1,699 Reviews
Walker Edison Douglas Urban Industrial Faux Leather Armless...
  • Dimensions: 34.5” H x 14” D x 15” L, Seat: 24.25” H x 14” D x 18” L
  • Chairs support up to 300 Ibs. each
  • Set includes 2 counter chairs

This kitchen wallpaper is the best design for your kitchen. This design is a breakthrough kitchen wallpaper. The simple but unique design of this wallpaper makes it look special. Also, the combination of a modern white kitchen design makes this wallpaper look fantastic.

Then, this wallpaper is design with simple to apply and pleasant to watch. It’s worth for you to use this wallpaper in your kitchen wall.

Zig-zag Washable Kitchen Wallpaper

Photos by Eric Roth
1,134 Reviews
MulYeeh 17.7'' x 118'' Adhesive Peel and Stick Paper Herringbone...
  • ★ MulYeeh peel and stick wallpaper is novel in design and has a variety of styles to choose from.
  • ★ Herringbone Black White wallpaper, suitable for walls, glass, vinyl, lacquered, natural stone,...
  • ★ Roll size 17.7'' x 118'', 1.48ft x 9.8ft =14.5sq.ft, 0.45m x 3m =1.35sq.m

Dark grey kitchen design is perfect for your kitchen. That makes your kitchen look elegant. Also, the combination of dark grey wallpaper makes this kitchen awesome. Zig-zag dark grey wallpaper is the best capable theme for those kitchen styles.

With the combination of the kitchen style and this wallpaper will make your kitchen bringing luxury and beautiful view. Also, this wallpaper is suitable for modern kitchen design. You can combine it based on your like and need.

Hexagonal Kitchen Backsplash Wallpaper

Photos by Katie Malik
1,624 Reviews
197” ×17.7” Hexagon White Wallpaper Peel and Stick Wallpaper...
  • 🍀「THICK NEW UPDATE」Compared with the old white hexagon contact paper, the new contact paper...
  • 🍀Just try our wallpaper and if you don’t absolutely love them let us know and we will refund...
  • 🍀「EASY TO INSTALL」Just cut along the grid of the back, then peel and stick. If you still find...

This grey hexagonal wallpaper will make your kitchen look cozy. The simple pattern of the wallpaper will make your kitchen calmer.

Then, the natural light from outside also makes this kitchen airy. With sleek white cabinets also make this kitchen pure and clean.

Moreover, a perfect combination of a wood table, floor, and chair also support the natural and fresh atmosphere. This wallpaper is suitable for other kitchen design. It based on your creativity on placing the wallpaper.

Logs Style Wallpaper

Photos by Favreau
27 Reviews
Blooming Wall Vintage Unique Wood Growth Ring Wallpaper Roll Wall...
  • Vintage Uniuqe Wood Growth Ring Wallpaper, Extra-thick Solid Vinyl Coated, High Standard
  • Each Roll is 20.8 Inches Wide by 11 Yard Long, Covering 57 Square Ft.
  • Unprepasted, Water resistant, Strippable,Removable. Very Easy to Apply, Apply instruction is...

Want to create farmhouse design on your kitchen?. This wallpaper is the best option for you. Logs pattern of the wallpaper bringing rustic atmosphere.

Also, the combination of wood counter and cabinets also support in delivering that feeling. Wood always be the best material to make a rustic design.

Then, the combination of up-scale appliances makes this kitchen also bring a modern look. This kitchen wallpaper is suitable for you, who like the natural and fresh atmosphere.

Unusual Mural Kitchen Wallpaper

Photos by Casey Dunn

Black and white always be best colors option to decor your home. Kitchen is one of that place. Black and white color always bring an elegant feeling. Instead, the position of applying that color is the hardest part.

But, this kitchen design correctly gives your fresh idea in using the color. Also, the mural wallpaper is the most important things. This wallpaper was giving a unique view in your kitchen.

Then, the similar color of wallpaper with those kitchen design makes it looks beautiful.

Hexagonal Stripe Wallpaper

Photos by Adelina Llive

This wallpaper is a simple design with stripe to make it have a new look. Hexagonal wallpaper became famous right now because it makes your room bigger and cozy.

Also, white color always is the best color of it. This wallpaper is suitable for your kitchen, who can bring much natural light. It will make your kitchen look fresh and clean.

The stripes make that wallpaper not only have a hexagonal pattern but showing different model based on the lighting intensity.

Funky Sleek Blue Zig-zag

Photos by Savvy

Modern and fresh kitchen atmosphere always be the number one option. Most of the people like to stay in that kitchen atmosphere. This wallpaper can bring that feeling in your kitchen. With blue zig-zag wallpaper make this kitchen colorful.

Also, a sleek view of cabinets and counter make this kitchen look modern. Then, the combination of wood material also supports that fresh feeling. 

Fresh Garden Wallpaper

Photos by Valerie Wilcox

This wallpaper will make your kitchen look natural and pure. Also, that wallpaper bringing garden terms with the painting birds. With this kitchen, the wallpaper will make your kitchen became the best place to stay and talk.

Then, the natural light from outside also supports that atmosphere. With this wallpaper, the design will make your kitchen became the sweetest place on your home. The color of cabinets also makes this kitchen look fresh and natural.

Primitive Tropical Kitchen Wallpaper

Photos by Yago Partal

The combination of black, wooden, green color makes this kitchen look unique. The wallpaper design makes this kitchen fell like in the forest. With the mural, the forest and plants painting make this kitchen make forest felling live in this kitchen.

Also, a simple touch of applying black color on your galley kitchen bringing elegant and luxury slaughter. Then, wood material on most of appliances and kitchenware make this kitchen design wonderful.

Rainbow Wallpaper

Photos by Ryan Goldman

This kitchen wallpaper inspired by rainbow color. Those colors are creating a cheerful and happiest situation. Applying this rainbow wallpaper in your kitchen will make your kitchen colorful. It will make your kitchen have a friendly atmosphere.

Also, this wallpaper can use to change the terms of your kitchen. If your kitchen atmosphere is flat and you want to change it, you can use this wallpaper.

Bubble Pattern Wallpaper

Photos by Sarah Mason

Blue color always bringing new view for our eye. With blue, white, and grey color of this kitchen wallpaper also make this kitchen look fantastic. The combination of the wallpaper color and cabinets is very suited.

It makes this kitchen look chic and soft. This wallpaper not only suitable for small kitchen. This wallpaper also ideal for big kitchen space, is based on your creativity of applying that wallpaper

Small Box Wallpaper

Photos by Nickles

This kitchen wallpaper is the best option to make your kitchen look glamorous. With colorful boxes pattern make wallpaper one of the best breakthrough ideas. Also, the combination of the sleek wooden material of cabinets makes this kitchen look very enjoyable.

Then, the glamorous feeling still in there, with the white and grey color of other appliances. Moreover, the newest kitchenware also supports all those feeling.

Hexagonal Small Kitchen Wallpaper

Photos by Ryann Ford

Using pop-up color will make your kitchen unique and charming view. The blue color is one of the best colors. The combination of dark and soft blue color in that wallpaper makes this kitchen wallpaper beautiful.

Then, the hexagonal pattern fo this kitchen wallpaper, also bringing a unique view. This kitchen wallpaper makes your small kitchen colorful and cheerful. It can be a beautiful place for your family and quest.

Rug Pattern Wallpaper

Photos by Jenna Peffly

The rug on your wall?. Is it possible?. Yes, of course. Try to add this kitchen wallpaper. This kitchen wallpaper is using rug pattern with blue color. That pattern will make your kitchen look nice and unique.

Then, the blue color of that wallpaper makes your kitchen colorful. Also, natural light makes your kitchen more fresh and airy.

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