Kitchen Island Lighting (Modern, Rustic, and Industrial Design)

Kitchen Island Lighting. Nowadays, the kitchen is not only a place for cooking and preparing the food but also great for entertaining and gathering. In a kitchen, there are so many types of furniture that are useful and can increase the room’s beautiful view. One of the beneficial furniture that we often found in a kitchen is an island. It is a freestanding cabinet that can functions well as a storage, food preparation area or even gathering space.

Most of the modern kitchen has an island, among other furniture. Commonly, it also completed with lighting’s above its counter. Since island lighting comes in many variations and designs, it also suitable for kitchen decoration. Here, we provide some information and recommendations for kitchen lighting to help you preparing and choosing the suitable one for your island.

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What is the best lighting for a kitchen?

Lighting is one of the essential aspects of a kitchen. Besides, a kitchen without a light fixture would be less entertaining and can be a disturbance for cooking activity. Before deciding to install this fixture, the owner must recognize every part of their room. It is essential to help the owner select the best space for lighting installation.

There are three main types of lighting, including general, task lighting, and accent lighting. First, general lighting provides basic light and often installed in the center of the room, such as chandelier or pendant light above an island. Then, task lighting used for the working area, for example, over the cook-top lighting. Lastly, accent lighting creates a focal point and visual aesthetic. We can see it on the use of wall sconces and track lighting.

How high should lighting be above a kitchen island?

Pendant light provides good light quality for cooking activity. It often hangs down on the ceiling above the kitchen island. However, its length should not be too far or too close to the island counter because it will disturb and make the owner feel uncomfortable during working. Thus, the right distance between the lights and counter-tops should be balanced based on the brightness and work-space.

When measuring the right distance between the lights and counter-tops, the standard space should be about thirty to thirty-six inches. Although it depends on the owner’s needs, the high should not block the view of the tallest person while sitting or standing near the island. In short, consider calculating the distance from the top of the counter to the bottom of the light.

10 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Lighting is one of the essential fixtures in the kitchen. Moreover, installing one above the island allows the owners to do their activity accurately. However, it is also better for us to choose based on the room needs. Therefore, to decorate your cooking space, take a look at these amazing kitchen island lighting ideas below.

1. Provide a gold touch

kitchen island pendant lighting
Normandy Remodeling

A dominant white kitchen could be monotonous if it only has natural color fixtures. Nevertheless, the installation of a gold atom chandelier above the island creates a fresh atmosphere. Also, it creates a luxurious look that blends perfectly in an elegant room.

2. Create additional storage

pendant lighting for kitchen island
Darren James Interiors

Not only functions as a light fixture, but this LED lighting can also work well as a glass holder. Its rectangular design and space below the ceiling provide an excellent open storage for storing glass and bottles. Besides, the owners can save more space and keep their stuff neat and orderly.

3. Combine a range hood and light bulbs

kitchen island lighting ideas
Lucy Johnson Interior Design

An island with stoves on its counter also needs a range hood to get a better air circulation while cooking. Fortunately, this hood also installed with several bulbs as an island lighting. In short, this dual function fixture is very functional and looks fancy.

4. Hang triple chandelier

kitchen island pendant lighting ideas

Installing three big chandeliers above a large island provides a luxurious look to the kitchen. These triple light fixtures can increase the room’s value and make it looks larger. In short, the kitchen looks modern and more elegant.

5. Add vintage accent

kitchen pendant lighting over island
Hellings Builders

A simple kitchen model with a lack of color looks great to pair with vintage chandeliers. If you have the same room type, consider getting this lighting with several candles holders. It will make your traditional kitchen looks more classical and stunning.

6. Try metal pendant

rustic kitchen island lighting
Darryl Vaughn- Kitchen & Bath ReStylers

A shiny metal pendant light is perfect for any kitchen style. It hangs beautifully over the island counter-top and provides enough lights. As we can see in this kitchen, these lighting fixture blends nicely with the room size and design.

7. A mix of rustic and modern

modern kitchen island lighting
Turan Designs, Inc.

A modern kitchen often comes in natural color tone, and its light fixture appears in a simple design. Instead of installing modern style lighting, you can try to use a rustic drum pendant. In short, both kitchen and lighting look more earthy and charming with this style.

8. Use custom lighting

lighting over kitchen island
Tutto Interiors

Having custom lighting allows the owners to show their personality and style. By installing it as an island lighting, the owners can create the fixture based on the room needs and their favorite design. As a result, the lighting fixture becomes unique and different from those available in stores.

9. Find unique shapes

modern pendant lighting for kitchen island
Haven Design and Construction

Geometric pendant is unique light fixture shapes that the homeowners often use. This one appears in big-sized and contains a small gold accent on its hanging chain. Also, it is suitable for the island counter-top and kitchen design.

10. Apply a contemporary look

kitchen island lighting fixtures

A contemporary kitchen needs a similar design for its furniture and light fixture too. As we can see, this chandelier appears in a unique and extraordinary design. It looks like a batch of sticks with small lights on its tip. To conclude, this contemporary sticks chandelier looks marvelous and up-to-date.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

A pendant light is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling and suspended by a chain or metal rod. Many homeowners decide to use it as an island lighting because of its various designs and models. Since there are so many incredible designs in stores, it might be hard for you to choose one. Thus, here are several kitchen island pendant lighting ideas to inspire you.

Black Drum Lampshade

lowes kitchen island lighting
Union Studio

Bright and contemporary are the first things we see in this kitchen. Additionally, there are four drum pendants lights with black covers. These pendants hang on a skylight roof, which makes the room receive excellent quality of lights.

Rustic Mini-pendant

kitchen lighting over island
Advance Design Studio, Ltd.

Mini pendant light is captivating and entertaining. It looks beautiful in this kitchen and blends naturally with the island counter-top. Moreover, this mini pendant appears in rustic style and very suitable to install in a farmhouse kitchen.

Sparkling Glass Pendants

lighting for kitchen island
Sue Murphy Interiors

Glass pendants offer a luxurious view from inside a kitchen. In this kitchen, there are three sparkling glass pendants with mid-century style. Although these lighting’s appear in an old design, they bring a lovely look in a contemporary kitchen.

Golden Shabby-chic Lighting

home depot kitchen island lighting
Unique Homestays

A shabby-chic kitchen also needs a similar fixture style. Here, the owner installs two golden shabby-chic pendants above a ceramic island counter-top. Additionally, these light fixtures fit beautifully with the kitchen’s unique design and interior.

Beach Style Pendants

lighting fixtures for kitchen island
Pickell Architecture

Beach style pendant is one of the great choices for island lighting. It also looks great in this white kitchen. As a result, the kitchen looks brighter and shows its elegant and classical design.

Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

Among other kitchen lighting styles, modern lighting also popular because of its stylish appearance. Besides, this lighting type is not only well-known for its looks but also because of its current technology. If you love to have one in your kitchen, we provide some recommendations for modern kitchen island lighting below.

LED Round Lighting

lighting over kitchen island ideas
Lorraine Franklin Designs Inc

LED lighting never bore our eyes, especially when it appears in this unique design. Moreover, thin and round shape makes this pendant looks attractive and brand-new. It provides an excellent lighting quality to the island counter-top and the rest kitchen area.

Trendy in Black and Gold

industrial kitchen island lighting
Elan Kitchens

A combination of black and gold on this pendant offers a trendy and fresh look to this modern kitchen. It hangs directly to the ceiling and brightens the island excellently. Besides, it has a smooth metallic finish, which makes this light fixture looks timeless and luxurious.

Captivating Dome Lamps

kitchen island led lighting
Dixon Projects

Dome pendant light offers a warm and cozy scene. It fits on any room designs, including this one. Whether in a simple or luxurious room, this type of lighting always looks captivating.

Fancy Copper Shades

rustic pendant lighting for kitchen island
Vastu Interior Design Ltd

A bunch of fancy pendant island lights decorates this simple kitchen excellently. Since this room covered with dominant white color, these copper pendants become the center of attention. Furthermore, these lights also bring a contemporary touch and impressive look.

A Mixtures of Classic and Elegant

farmhouse kitchen island lighting
Atlas Custom Cabinets Ltd

A crystal drum chandelier in this kitchen also made of glass and offer an elegant look. It makes the room look classy and extravagant at the same time. In short, classical and elegant touches are the perfect combinations provided by this kitchen and lighting fixture.

Rustic Kitchen Island Lighting

Simplicity and warm atmosphere are the characteristics of rustic style, and this style often applies to a lighting design. Additionally, this style represents a country and a natural place. There are a lot of rustic kitchen island lighting models that are available in stores. However, here are some of the best rustic lighting designs that you might interest to use in your kitchen.

Natural Antler Chandelier

lighting over island in kitchen
TVL Creative Ltd.

Although this chandelier looks like a deer antler, it is not the real one. It is only a beautiful handmade chandelier that looks rustic and natural. Additionally, the chandelier uses some electronic light bulbs that look like dim candles.

Tiny Cage Pendant

unique kitchen island lighting
Hopedale Builders, Inc.

Beside big-sized light fixtures, tiny pendants also great for kitchen island lighting. In this rustic kitchen, there are two small cage pendants above an island. Also, each pendant completed with one small bulb and a beautiful golden chain.

Transitional Atom Chandelier

contemporary kitchen island lighting
JDH Remodeling

Atom cage provides an aesthetic design on this chandelier. It adopts a transitional style and looks excellent in this rustic kitchen. Inside the cage, we can see crystal lighting that brightens the island and the whole room area.

Antique Double Pendant

black kitchen island lighting
Kenneth Davis Lux International

Double island pendant in this kitchen comes in drum shape and medium-sized. It hangs on the ceiling between two skylights. Although the island size is quite small, it suitable for the pendant and makes the whole room looks classical.

Charming Concrete Lamps

brushed nickel kitchen island lighting
Jarrett Design, LLC

While other lighting’s are mostly hanging pendants and chandeliers, this lamp brightens the island on its counter-top. It stands on the island counter-top excellently and functions well with one light bulb. Although its size is quite big, this concrete lamp will never disturb any activity of the owners.

Industrial Kitchen Island Lighting

A creative design and great architectural details are essential when it comes to learning about industrial style. Some kitchen island lighting’s also use this style, and it brings artistic and unique appearances. Not only great for its appearance, but also because of its functionality. Therefore, take a look at these examples of industrial lighting design for a kitchen island.

Two-toned Dome Light

pendant lighting kitchen island
DHD Architecture and Interior Design

A touch of white on the outside and yellow on the inside are the first attraction from this lighting. These two bright colors beautify this dome pendant light and provide a simple but unique look. Similar to the island, this pendant comes in a big-sized and suitable for an industrial kitchen.

Black Multi-light Pendant

bronze kitchen island lighting
Liquid Interiors Limited

Black kitchen island lighting becomes a favorite for those who love dark fixtures. In this minimalist kitchen, these black multi-light pendants come in a tiny size. With small bulbs, these lighting’s still provide enough light for the island.

LED Ring Light

pendant lighting over kitchen island

Similar to the previous lighting, this one also has a dark color. However, it has a different shape and technology. Also, this LED pendant light comes in a ring shape and hangs alone over an island.

Grey Dome Pendants

over kitchen island lighting
Christopher Howard

Dome pendant offers a fantastic look and warm light quality. These three pendants hang on the white beams and brighten the island splendidly. Moreover, the pendant lights have a grey dome, and the color fits well with the room tone.

Metal Light Fixture

kitchen island track lighting
SAPPHIRE SPACES l bulthaup Exeter

A pendant light that made of metal has its charm that can attract those who love industrial style. Above this wood island countertop, a pair of metal light fixtures are hanging. Additionally, each of them has a light bulb that shone the island. It creates a cozy and warm atmosphere once we stand near it.

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In conclusion, the kitchen is not complete without an island lighting. While choosing this type of lighting, we need to consider picking the design that suits the kitchen and the island. Additionally, do not forget to measure the distance between the counter-top and the light. Besides, it all depends on the owner’s needs and decisions. Therefore, choose wisely, and you will get the best one that will beautify your kitchen and help you do the cooking.

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