Basement Kitchen Ideas (Small Basement Kitchen and Bar Design)

Basement Kitchen Ideas. Undoubtedly, a basement can serve many purposes as a part of a residential building. In truth, the function of a basement can differ based on its type. We can mainly categorize the basements as the ones being fully underground and some others that are partially above ground. Commonly, homeowners use a basement as storage, but the concept of a basement living space is also prevalent.

Though in reality, many tend to leave the basement unkempt. Therefore, instead of being specially-functioned, it may be a good idea to make your basement overt. Thus, a basement kitchen idea is one of many possibilities to style this specific floor.

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Does a basement kitchen add value?

Indeed, improving the basement area may contribute to expanding living space, such as a kitchen. In this case, the basement adds functional value for the house, which is a recreational area. Otherwise, there would be a count difference if you’re expecting an investment return. Unlike the floor above ground, the finished basement estimates half the value of the above-ground floor. The maximum value would range up to 70% for the finished basement. Therefore, it is safer to allocate budgeting the basement for 5% to 10% of the overall house value.

Pros and Cons of basement kitchen ideas?

There are many advantages you would get by turning your basement into a kitchen. To sum it up, here are the main reasons why people obsess over this idea. More often than not, it is about personal satisfaction to the owners than anything.

Pros of basement kitchen:

1. Separated recreational area

Getting an extra living space is the ultimate reason for getting a basement kitchen. This way, the basement can multi-function as a  semi-private area. Homeowners can take the party downstairs to the basement or host a gathering wholly separated from the private living areas. Moreover, meal preparation, table setting, and serving are somewhat easier without involving many areas. Simply multifunctional in one place.

2. A fresh touch of authenticity

The kitchen basement allows homeowners to get super creative because there’s less comparison to the surroundings. With clearer limitations, the homeowner can focus on accomplishing a certain style. Furthermore, you can go bold to accentuate what is necessary. For instance, the choosing of counters, tabletops, or island bar. 

3. Additional selling point

Definitely, a finished basement gives attractiveness points to buyers of a certain lifestyle. A well-managed basement, especially one with kitchen installments, is a fine treatment for those who seek perfect sanctuary. Therefore, a basement kitchen should be a great offer in an investment house.

Before getting head-on inspired by these ideas, there are several things to consider.

Cons of basement kitchen:

1. Upgrading expense

Indeed, to upgrade an unfinished basement needs proper planning, specifically in the financial aspect. Due to the ROI value, homeowners may need to get and take advice from an appraiser. Selecting suitable materials is also a critical consideration before you execute this idea.

2. Higher tax

Usable or habitable areas in our house owe a certain value of the tax, which the owner has to pay. A finished basement is included in a habitable part of a building. Therefore, there would definitely be an increase when you pay the tax.

3. Limited storage area

Some homeowners may prefer the basement to store things they won’t keep upstairs. However, if you make your basement living space, you’re going to reduce the area for storage. As a result, you might need another space to store things, such as a separated shed.

Kitchen Ideas for Basement

Firstly, you had set your mind into the basement kitchen ideas and considered it well enough. After that, take your time to think about what you would do with it. Here are several ideas of kitchen basements for certain styles suitable in your house.

Contemporary Basement

small basement kitchen ideas
Right Arm Construction

This contemporary basement installs light wood flooring for a neutral look. In a darker tone, the wood kitchen counter enhances the geometric shape of the basement. On top of that, white is dominant for the scene, as seen for the solid countertop, top cabinets, and shelf. A couple of white iron stools stand for an intimate weekend brunch by the mini island bar.

Modern Basement

basement kitchen bar ideas
Sebring Design Build

Get a signature modern look for your finished basement. As minimalism could never go wrong, the lilac ash paint boosts the elegance on the marble wall finish. Furthermore, white kitchen cabinets are the greatest choice for this view. Highlighting the modern style, spotless sleek countertop shows us the homeowners’ refined taste to the stainless-steel kitchen appliances.

Traditional Basement

kitchen ideas for basement
MB Designs, LLC

For homeowners with fondness for traditional scene look, indoor natural style is perfect to call home. For instance, natural materials such as wood for cabinets, counters, and dining tables and chairs. The brick wall accentuates the traditional classic and warmth.

Coastal Basement

basement kitchen ideas on a budget
Emery Design & Woodwork

Always feeling like on a seaside retreat with coastal arrangements, the theme is worth-to-try for a kitchen basement. The key is to use blue color properly, which in this case works best with beige and dark wood. Not to mention the use of soft lighting hanging from above animate the sentiment ambiance in the basement.

Craftsman Basement

finished basement kitchen ideas
Kingston Royce Homes, LLC

Combining classic, modern minimalist, and rustic style for a spot would be perfect also for a basement kitchen. Indeed, making modern minimalist as the base, bleached coral Pantone is a dominant color. Therefore, the darker tone of classic wood cabinets would prevail in the best way possible. Also, there’s the final touch of rustic white lighting hanging above the kitchen island. 

Farmhouse Basement

basement kitchen ideas small
Sustainable Nine Design + Build

Farmhouse style is identical with a mix of something old and something new. Mahogany wall and dining table are examples of how to make a fresh look in a farmhouse style. Rattan dining chairs and the shelf boards are in lighter brown for a neutral shade. The farmhouse lighting fixture on the ceiling would accentuate the basement kitchen really well.

Industrial Basement

small kitchen ideas for basement
MainStreet Design Build

Going bolder for industrial is the dream of many art-loving homeowners. The warm ambiance of this theme keeps it going on the reclaimed brick wall and yellow lights on the ceiling. Steel bar tools and mahogany cabinets are perfect for a hangout downstairs in the basement.

Rustic Basement

small basement kitchen design ideas

Rustic allows for refreshing moods such as in this basement cellar and kitchen. The medium tone wood kitchen cabinets and counter ultimately achieve the rustic look. Moreover, the lighting underneath the cabinets easily makes a glowing appearance on the tile wall. 

Shabby-chic Basement

basement bar kitchen ideas

This idea decorates the basement in calming tones, with one particular aqua color pops out in the view. Shabby chic is an absolute concept for those who seek a romantic, tender atmosphere in the basement. Thus, complete with microwave, single sink, fridge, this basement kitchen is enough to spend leisure time with a loved one.  

Southwestern Basement

basement apartment kitchen ideas
Solid Rock Custom Homes

Play with textures in styling southwestern basement kitchen such as this idea. Sleek to suede and soft to sturdy textures are qualities of this style. For the southwestern accent, marble countertop and wooden furnishings are in the warm brown tone. As a result, the family can enjoy a hearty environment. 

Small Basement Kitchen Ideas

The house doesn’t have a large basement? No worries, as we can still manage the basement kitchenette bar ideas. Though the kitchenette has only several appliances installed, you can still nail it depending on your needs.

Limited Space Basement

basement kitchen cabinet ideas
Lily Ann Cabinets

It is obvious that the size of the basement is not that large. Yet, the basement manages to squeeze in main appliances such as stove, oven, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher. Apparently, it is a good idea to line everything in a row. Besides, the multifunctional counter island really fit in this situation.

Smaller Rectangular Kitchen

kitchen bar top ideas for basement
Hadley-Irvine General Contracting LTD

For a smaller, rectangular basement, it is wise to keep the tone in a lighter shade. Firstly, it makes the illusion that the area is spacious. Secondly, it is easier to match the surrounding furniture. Finally, keeping it always clean and tidy is pretty much important to make an efficient room in a tight space.

Transitional Basement Kitchen

basement kitchen table ideas
Kalaa Chakra Interiors

Let’s have fun baking cookies in this basement kitchen. This kitchen loads up microwaves, the oven, and fridge for snacking and beverages. Therefore, no worry over all the fuss and trouble upstairs. Moreover, it results in easier clean up afterward.  

Monochrome Basement Kitchen

updating basement kitchen cabinet ideas
MIRA Floors and Interiors

Setting up the oven and fridge for this remodeled basement kitchen might be the thing you need for a couple’s home. Most importantly, installing the window pretty much gives a brilliant mood to relax in monochromatic simplicity. This basement kitchen with island can serve two people hanging out over an easy meal at brunch. 

Angled Basement Kitchen

built in basement ideas with kitchen
Capilano Builders

An angular basement should not really be a problem. In this idea, you can pretty much optimize the space by remodeling the counter fitting the angle. Choosing the right size for the furniture would mean a great difference for space, indeed.

Industrial Dining Basement Kitchen

basement apartment small kitchen ideas

For a gathering, this industrial dining table is perfect with proper length in accordance with the basement space. Seating 6 to 8 people, this basement creates a warm feeling for a memorable moment. Probably on thanksgiving dinner, where you can serve a hearty meal, impress and celebrate with loved ones.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas

A basement is where the good cellar is. If there’s a good cellar, then there’s a good sip of fine drink. There should be where the party is. By building a basement kitchen bar, enjoy good quality time with friends, clinking glasses. Not fond of drinking? Well, there are still many more things you can enjoy in this scene. 

Contemporary Minimalist Basement Bar

storage ideas for basement with kitchen appliance
Ellie Redders Interiors

This basement kitchen bar adopts contemporary style, seen from the modern, minimalist yet artsy choices of furnishings. Comfortable wooden bar stools stand in a line over the minimalist gray island bar. To complete the bar, the basement also provides entertainment such as TV on the cupboard facing the guests.

Polished Industrial Basement Bar

small basement kitchen bar ideas
Dancer Concrete Design

Industrial theme basement kitchen bars are a great concept worth-to-adopt. From the brick wall, the concrete island bar to the floor, this basement creates a humble sense of space. Moreover, it is perfect for special occasions. The letter-L shaped island bar can serve more than four people comfortably. Besides, thanks to the lighting, this basement succeeds in achieving a heartwarming setting. 

Classic Traditional Basement Bar

basement small kitchen ideas
Nightingale Co.

Remodeling the basement into a finished, classic style private bar is a great idea. Next to the U-shaped wooden island bar is the cupboard and shelf displaying the best collections available in the house. This space provides a place to relax, have a glass, and chat conveniently. The TV on the wall includes entertainment for the people.  

Traditional Farmhouse Basement Bar

basement ideas no kitchen
NARI of Central Ohio

The traditional look is simply natural yet timeless. This idea shows a brick wall that can match well with wooden furnishings such as the island bar, iron stools, with finished concrete floor. The cupboard behind the bar, in a darker tone of the wood, shows a variety of beverages to choose from. For certain people, it’s the heaven, the sanctuary of a wandering mind.

Rustic Neutral Basement Bar

basement apartment ideas kitchen small
DESIGNfirst Builders

You can build the bar counter using unused wood materials and obtain a specific rustic feel. Thus, decorating the basement kitchen bar will achieve a whole ambiance of neutral, calming space. With wide windows facing nature scenes, this basement is a whole new level of cozy.

Modern Eclectic Basement Bar

cheap basement kitchen ideas
Drury Design

This idea shows one of modern basement bar ideas. Using stone as pillars, this basement unlocks the idea of getting a sense of rustic for modern style. In contrast, a mahogany counter with marble finished top gives a sleek, polished look. Placing bottles horizontally on a wall with television in the middle and proper lighting, this idea is overall classy.

Rustic Circular Basement Bar

small rustic basement kitchen ideas
JDH Remodeling

Another rustic idea for the kitchen bar is great, even with this circular-shaped basement. As the kitchen counter and bar island are shaping the space into circular, they enhance the uniqueness of this place. With the darker tone choosing, it is highlighting rustic in such an elegant spotlight.

Classic Rustic Basement Bar

inexpensive basement kitchen ideas
G&G Custom Homes, Inc

Experimenting classic style with this idea of basement bar truly channeling the masculine vibe. The medium tan shade fits perfectly this situation, which brings out the character and warmth. Other than that, repurposing certain materials can really benefit from this situation to accentuate the scene. 

Contemporary Scandinavian Bar

basement kitchen /bar ideas

This idea is showing the Scandinavian contemporary concept to adopt in the basement kitchen bar. The shape of the island bar forming U to serve up to five people and make access in serving practicality. The color white, polished finish on the countertop creates a clean environment. Wire chairs in the bar are creating the ultimate Scandinavian style. Not merely a bar, this kitchen is great for an after-dinner family hangout.

Mid Century Cottage Bar

updating basement kitchen ideas
Dave Osmond Builders

Utilize the setting of a brick wall, leather stool, marbled countertop, and wall to achieve a mid-century cottage basement bar. Luxurious sentiments dominate the room of natural material. Moreover, with the yellow lighting fixtures overhead the bar, it helps to bring out the warm tone of the space.

Basement Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Budgeting is truly critical in advance. From the investment point of view, budgeting will help the owner to estimate the return. Otherwise, budgeting is still important because there’s a lot of other consideration of expenses in the long run. Therefore, we provide you these basement kitchen ideas on a budget just as you need.

Cheap Basement Kitchen Design

Usually, the smaller basement would spend less due to the limited area. Even with limitations, there still great possibilities to have a second kitchen in the basement. Indeed, there are always limitless ideas on space utilization creativity. 

1. Small Craftsman Basement Bar

best small basement kitchen apartment ideas
Eurodale Developments Inc

This idea of a small craftsman bar consists of an oven stove, fridge, and dishwasher in a basement. Thus, for cost-saving, you can build your own island bar with simple woodworking skills. As seen, this small island bar may look simple. Yet, it is valuable for serving the two seating. Nevertheless, the simplicity makes it well-blending with the surrounding.

2. Below-the-Staircase Kitchenette

rustic basement kitchen ideas
Capital Construction Custom Homes, LLC

Before, you might never think of how useful the space under the staircase can be. Taking a note from this idea, you can squeeze a kitchenette, even a small fridge in a place as efficiently as possible. So bring downstairs some practical kitchen appliances such as microwaves. Furthermore, this small space can manage to have storage, such as a cupboard and shelf. 

3. Classic Kitchenette

basement kitchen cabinet on lower only ideas
Wright Design & Remodeling

Basement kitchenette ideas are surely useful as additional living space. This basement, for instance, is functional for dishwashing, meal preparation, and storage. With classic finish for the wall and modern for the counter, it is reasonable at a cost yet clearly gives satisfaction.

Expensive Kitchen Basement Design

These ideas below are for homeowners who are more into building a satisfying home. For them, a house is not just a building. It is where you feel safe. Therefore, creating additional living space such as basement ideas functional for the kitchen is the dream. 

1. Sports-themed Basement Kitchen

basement laundry room kitchen ideas
Riverside Construction, LLC

Sometimes, the more activities you plan to do, the more appliances and necessities you have to prepare. Thus, items on this scene vary from beverages, snacks to entertainment gadgets. The long kitchen counter holds the necessities with mini-fridge installed. This basement decides in transitional look from the material choice to the color involved. 

2. Modest White Basement Kitchen

basement kitchen ideas small space
D&G Construction and Remodels

This finish on the basement kitchen is in a modest design yet valuable material. The white base color is looking clean, neat, and elegant. The white brick wall gives textures for the scene over the wooden cabinet. However, this modern design also relies on natural materials such as a curving rock wall.

3. Eclectic Basement Kitchen

basement kitchen design ideas
A&E Construction and Design Center

Apart from family activities, you can go for a special event in this finished basement. The apparent advantage in the size of the basement makes it possible to do something grand on this. Going eclectic with combining styles, this basement kitchen is surely a valuable space in the house.

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In conclusion, basements hold many potentials as a part of the house, more than as storage. Family can really enliven this specific space for recreation and quality time. Obviously, to achieve the ambiance you’re looking for, there are certain things to consider. One would improve their basement because of particular reasons. Either it is as investment or for personal satisfaction, a different approach may apply.

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