Home maintenance: 7 things to do to prepare your home for the winters

Extreme winter weather brings its share of problems. To protect your family from such harsh weather, you must prepare in advance. Even though winters are gone, here are a few things to keep in mind for home maintenance:

1. Heating 

During the winters, proper heating is essential to maintain a warm and cozy temperature indoors. Whether you use home heating, you need to ensure that it is in working condition. You should call a furnace and heating repair service to check the heating in your house. The repair service will probably inspect the furnace filter and replace it with a new one if it is not in working condition.

2. Gutters

Check the gutters around the roof to ensure that they are not blocked. In case of blockage, clean them or hire someone to do so. Fallen leaves, dirt, and debris collects in the gutters, which can lead to blockage. Not cleaning the gutters may cause the water to seep into the walls and the roof. Hence, before winter arrives, make sure that they are clean. In addition to this, check for repairs.

3. Roof

Check the roof for any repair and maintenance. Before winters arrive, make sure that it does not require repairs. Missing shingles can cause damage to the roof, which can lead to the weakening of the structure of the house. To avoid this, have the roof inspected by a professional at least twice a year.

4. Windows and doors

A lack of proper sealing around the doors and the windows can lead to cold drafts in the house. No amount of heating will warm your home if the sealing requires repair. You can apply caulk to seal any gaps.

5. Sump pump

Sump pumps are installed in basements to avoid flooding and damping. Make sure that the sump pumps are in working condition by hiring a professional. Otherwise, it could lead to flooding in the basement, which will be more costly in the long-run.

Beside installing a sump pump – basement crack repair is crucial to prevent basement flooding for several reasons. Firstly, cracks in the basement walls or floor can serve as entry points for water during heavy rainfalls or when the water table rises. Even small cracks can allow significant amounts of water to seep into the basement, leading to flooding and water damage. By repairing these cracks, you create a watertight barrier, preventing water intrusion and reducing the risk of basement flooding. 

6. Pipes

In case of extreme winter weather, the pipes can freeze, blocking water flow and proper drainage. It can lead to many problems, including a lack of drinking water. Frozen pipes can even crack if they are under enough wear and tear. Hence, make sure that the pipes (outside the house) are weatherproof. You can wrap insulation tape around the pipes to prevent them from freezing. You can hire a plumber to do this job for you. Also, shut the water to faucets outside the house, as it can cause the water to freeze.

7. Chimney and fireplace

You will probably be using the chimney and fireplace throughout the winters. So have them cleaned and checked by a professional before the winter season arrives. Without proper cleaning, it prevents the smoke from flowing through the chimney to outside the house. It may lead to smoke buildup inside your home, which can cause breathing problems.


Preparing for winters is essential to ensure that you do not face problems. With these points, you can ensure that you and your family are safe.

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