Patio Floor Ideas (DIY and Outdoor Patio Floor Design)

Patio Floor Ideas. A patio is an outdoor space where homeowners design to serve guests for dining or for their own family recreation. With beautiful and smart design, you can transform your outdoor landscape into a second living room. Designing a patio starts from its fundamental part, which is patio flooring. Paying attention to this small detail, such as choosing the best outdoor flooring materials determines the final look of your patio.

Why the patio floor is important?

Flooring – from its materials and techniques – is the important part of designing a patio. The choice of patio floor applied to your design will define the outlook of this entertaining outdoor space. Starting from a simple flooring using brick and concrete to the luxury limestone flooring, you can choose any kind of patio floor to satisfy your styles. Any homeowners should just bear in mind that from this floor materials and techniques, they can transform their outdoor space into an area where you can spend your lovely evening.

Best patio floor materials

There are at least five basic patio floor materials. The best and popular option is concrete. It is considered to be the most versatile and of easy maintenance. Concrete flooring has many finishes – painted, patterned or even decorated with inlays. For a rustic look, brick materials are what you can opt for. It is sturdy and durable, but still shows a classic look that fits any landscape styles. The next material is stones (flagstone or cut stone) are for those who love a more natural look on their landscape. It blends with nature so well that looks so relaxing and inviting. What comes next is pavers. This material can be shaped to look as natural as cut stone or bricks. Then, the last is the tiles. Don’t forget to choose unglazed ceramic tiles for your outdoor space.

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Outdoor Patio Floor Ideas

For a great outdoor activity – dining, party or a small gathering party, be ready to enchant your guests with a cozy and inviting patio. Here are some patio floor ideas you can adapt to create a perfect outdoor space.

Brick Paver Patio Floor Ideas

cheap patio floor ideas
Source: Field Outdoor Spaces

Source: Field Outdoor Spaces

This open living space uses brick to create a natural and modest look of its patio. Brick pavers are considered durable and hard in nature; thus, most homeowners would choose this material for patio flooring ideas.

Victorian Pavers Patio Floor Ideas

concrete patio floor ideas
Source: Marvin Gorham

Source: Marvin Gorham

For a natural and stylish look, choose Victorian pavers. Look how this patio floor ideas and design gives off a look of stylish and modern. The brick pavers use a colour combination of red and black to give a touch of contemporary flair.

Flagstone Patio Floor Ideas

diy patio floor ideas
Source: Lora Jabot

Source: Lora Jabot

The best part of using flagstone for your patio floor material is that it is permeable due to its narrow packed joints. For its best function, it also serves aesthetics to your open space patio. Flagstone patio floor blends well with outdoor green grass to create a natural and warm look.

Fieldstone Patio Floor Ideas

patio floor paint ideas
Source: James Valley Nursery

Source: James Valley Nursery

Another ideal choice for your patio floor ideas and design is to apply fieldstone flooring for a rustic and natural look. Fieldstone flooring is beautiful for its unfinished look. Then, completed with some natural light brown pebbles, this landscape is great for a patio in your backyard.

Concrete Patio Floor Ideas

inexpensive patio floor ideas
Source: DiSabatino Landscaping

Source: DiSabatino Landscaping

A smart design for those loving to invite their guests for a dining or party at the back of their house. This patio uses exposed aggregate concrete material with a touch of brick tiles to create patterns. Look how spacious and inviting it can be with simple outdoor furniture to complete the design.

StayLock Tiles Patio Floor Ideas

patio floor covering ideas
Source: Greatmats Specialty Flooring

Source: Greatmats Specialty Flooring

Be inspired with these bright blue StayLock tiles to contrast with other dark-coloured furniture. A red touch on its whole design creates a spark to its modern and cozy living room outdoor. Be inspired with patio umbrellas that chime in with the whole look. 

Graniflex Patio Floor Ideas

outdoor patio floor ideas
Source: Decorative Concrete Kingdom

Source: Decorative Concrete Kingdom

Graniflex is a decorative coating system that creates a perfect concrete patio flooring. The choice for this graniflex patio flooring resembles granular texture concrete gravel particles which make the whole design look natural.

Wood Floor Floor Ideas

painted concrete patio floor ideas
Source: Stephan Beaulieu

Source: Stephan Beaulieu

Outdoor wood flooring for your patio is best when you opt for a ‘back to nature’ design. In this design, the wood coats almost all parts of the patio – partition, stairs and floor. This all-wood patio deck fits the brick wall, making it look rustic.

Tiles Patio Floor Ideas

ground floor apartment patio ideas
Source: Stileedge

Source: Stileedge

Patio floor made of tiles is a popular flooring for its various choices to fit your decor style. This design uses grey tiles to fit the modern style of the house. The swimming pool separated with a glass partition is just a great touch to this patio.

Limestone Patio Floor Ideas

easy diy patio floor ideas
Source: Remark studio

Source: Remark studio

The reason as to why limestone is a trendy option for patio flooring is that it is durable and versatile. Look how natural it can be with a touch of limestone patio floor. Then, adding natural grown trees and grass, and the design looks a perfect outdoor space to relax and wind.

DIY Patio Floor Ideas

Some would think twice when it comes to designing and installing DIY patio floors. They would think that it is not doable as much work should be done. But, these DIY patio floor ideas are just so simple that you can do it yourself. 

Using Concrete Molds

outside patio floor ideas

This concrete walk maker is a solution for those not wanting to pay patio pavers and do it on their own. The plastic mould will help you create your own patio pavers with concrete mix.


First, fill the mould with 80 lbs. of concrete mix, spread gently with a trowel, and remove the mould. These moulds are reusable so you can also create patterned paths that lead to your other parts of the house.

Paving Circle Limestone Patio

ideas for patio floor

Here is another idea to create your own patio. Suppose you have a backyard and want to turn it into a patio for relaxing, the first prepare all the materials needed.



First thing first, cut the circle and remove the grass. Then, lay down landscapers cloth and outline your patio using edging stones.


Fill the circle with limestone screening and lay down the limestone. The last step is to fill in the spaces with pea stones and pack down.


You’re ready to furnish your patio with simple furniture and enjoy the outdoor view.

Building A Deck

patio floor ideas on a budget

If you want to create more charms your exterior design, start building a deck. Here are some steps you may want to consider building your own deck.



First, create a concrete foundation for a sturdy deck frame. Then, install footings as the base support for the deck frame.


The next step is to build deck frames and install timber parts arranged in parallel series to support the wood floor.


The last part is then installing the wood floor and working on the deck trim. You will also want to consider staining the floor for a more lasting and decorative finish.

Staining A Deck

cheap and easy patio floor ideas

You were thinking to have a natural wood deck that pops out? You can simply stain your deck. Here are simple steps you can follow to stain your wood patio deck.



You may need to prepare a paintbrush and stain rags to whip off the stain. Choose a semi-transparent stain for more character and naturally rustic look for the wood and the two-toned effect for the deck boards.


Now that you are ready with the tools and materials to paint on the deck and wipe off immediately. Use a roller or brush to paint the deck boards using the two-toned effect stain to look popping.


Stencilling Your Patio Tiles

concrete patio floor covering ideas

Renovating your patio floor can cost you more than building the whole patio. One of the best ways to keep it low cost for a patio floor revamp is using a stencil.


Buy any stencil of your preferred design that creates a character. First off, you need to prepare concrete floor paint, a stencil, a brush and a paper towel or a rag.


To start, position the stencil on the centre of the patio floor and secure it with tape. Wipe the back of the stencil to prevent the spill of extra paint.


Reposition the stencil until all the floor is stencilled and covered with the same patterns.

Building A Paver Patio

backyard patio floor ideas

If you’re thinking to pave your patio, be ready as you might need more work with some curves. To start with, measure the width and height of the surface so you can determine the height of the finished patio.


It is better to make it slightly higher than its surrounding. After excavating the area, fill in with gravel and screed sand. To avoid weed invading the area, you can lay down a piece of landscape fabric before filling in with gravel.


Then, snap a chalk line to whatever patterns you want and place pavers. To work with the cuts, lay the full stone in place against the border pavers and mark where the cuts should be made with pencil and you’ll be ready to fill in the curves which might bother you in the beginning.


Spread some sand to fill in the space between the pavers so they won’t shift.

Laying Deck Floor on A Concrete Patio

floor patio ideas

Are you thinking of transforming a dull concrete patio into a cozy deck? Some people would be terribly worried about its installation.


But there is a new system of installing a DIY deck floor. This deck-floor system is worry-free and neat, and you’ll be amazed at its end result.


It is easy that you just need to put the grid pieces and accessories on top of your concrete floor. Deck floor can just be snapped into the grids.


If you want some variation, cut the wood pieces into sizes you want so you can have brick patterns.


Using Envirotiles for An Environmentally -friendly Solution

concrete floor patio ideas

Be environmentally-friendly with this patio tile made of recycled materials! The installation can be done on your own, and the result is superb. If your patio is a concrete slab, then you just need to remove any dirt or debris.


Use a pencil to make a 90-degree mark at the centre. Start from this, lay the tiles and rotate them to find the best fit or pattern. Secure the tiles using envirotile clips facing upward. Lastly, use a border to create a neat and professional finishing touch to the edges.

Patio Floor Ideas and Design

One would love to have a relaxing evening with his small family, and another would choose to have a luxury party. All of these occasions can be done outdoors on a patio. Here are some stunning ideas and designs you can inspire.

Pool in Patio

ground floor patio ideas
Source: Anderson Landscape

Be inspired with the layout of this patio. The pool and beach view are the fantastic additional touch to this simple yet fabulous patio. The light grey pavers are just a perfect fit for the green lush of its surrounding. 

Eclectic Stone Patio

concrete patio floor paint ideas
Source: Lindgren Landscape

Were you looking for an eclectic style for your outdoor space? This sandstone patio combines scupper water fountain and porch for an intimate and cozy patio. Steal the idea of spotlights that transform the space into a gorgeous hard landscape.

Outdoor Party Patio

second floor patio design ideas
Source: Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

In need of inspiration that offers an entertaining outdoor spot, barbeque space and open space seating? This design is a complete package for a barbeque party in an open space area. The concrete pavers for its floor are just a great floor idea to fit the natural scheme it brings.

Classic Stone Patio

patio floor lighting ideas
Source: John Kraemer & Sons

Soft and earth colours are the focus of this design. The light brownstone for its floor adds a natural look to the whole design, just perfectly matching the roof extension and fireplace – an elegant and classy hardscape.

Classic Outdoor Patio

patio floor design ideas
Source: Lee Ann Marienthal Gardens

For those looking for inspiration to renovate their spacious backyard, this design is an ideal fit. There are two sections of patio with both concrete patio flooring and connects to a beautiful garden. Steal the idea of an outdoor umbrella in one patio and fireplace in another patio – both wrapped in the same theme. 

Contemporary Patio

2nd floor patio sun room ideas
Source: Koch Architects – Joanne Koch

This spacious patio is styled in contemporary with wood flooring. This patio is connected with an open living room, perfect for family gathering and dining. The classic natural brown becomes the basic theme of this design.

Modern Classy Patio

outdoor concrete floor paint ideas for patio floors
Source: Klopf Architecture

The grey tile shapes this patio in its modern and classy way, making the whole scheme in white and grey tones. The rattan chairs, green and red plants pop out in the scheme – cozy and inviting.

Luxury Patio in Contemporary Style

patio floor covers ideas
Source: Nature’s Touch

Experience a perfect outdoor gathering in this luxury design patio. The rectangular fire pit is the focal point of this area. Steal the ideas of regress lighting underneath each step of the stone patio and popping colours of cushions – fantastic.

Spacious Concrete Patio

black and white patio floor ideas
Source: K&D Landscape Management

Love the idea of a cozy patio surrounded by green view? This design is an inspiration for anyone looking to have a patio for relaxing and gathering. The brick concrete patio matches the whole exterior design with a green theme.

Deck Patio with Roof Extension

Source: ERREBI.Studio

This deck patio is a simple design inspiration that combines garden and deck flooring. Be inspired with its roof extension for hanging colourful lamps. A touch of colourful plants gives this deck patio a feel.

Bluestone Romantic Patio

Source: Westover Landscape Design

For a romantic day and night, you want to spend outdoors; this design is just perfect for you! The enchanting colours of lilies and limelight hydrangea combined with bluestone concrete floor turn this patio into an intimate and romantic space. 

Rooftop Patio

Source: Tyrone Mitchell Photography

This patio is a great deal of a contemporary rooftop patio. It’s mixing different patterns and textures of its floor. Nothing can beat the pleasure of relaxing at the rooftop.


The focal point of designing a patio is its floor. Homeowners have to consider the pluses and minuses when it comes to choosing the best patio floor – concrete, wood, brick or other materials. There are many types of pavers you can choose from, but the most important of all is that it should fit the whole exterior scheme. For a simple design, you can opt for brick or concrete pavers. To add some aesthetics, you can also try using stencils to suit your creative nature. After all, it is all about your style and preferences.

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