Tween Bedroom Ideas (Tween Bedroom Ideas for Girl and Boy)

Tween Bedroom Ideas. Tween is the stage between the kids and the teen years. It will be confusing for the children and the parents. The boys or girls will think they are not kids anymore but still too early to reach the teen model. In this case, the parents play an essential role. Anyways, they have to give the children’s place to grow and explore the new world.

In case of giving the place, you can start it with the bedroom. Yet, in designing, you might get some tricky problems. Their needs will change alongside the school demand and their social activities. So, you can begin focusing on the fun of them. Try to discuss how the room they want. Then, you can set the idea to support your growing tween. Need some ideas? Don’t worry, and we are here serving the best ideas of tween bedrooms.

Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

You know that your girl is not a kid anymore and starting to their teen stage. It is better to ask your daughter what they want for the concept, design, and furniture in a decorating bedroom. They might think of having a single bed of their own. Or they might want some instagrammable tone. So, here are some exciting concepts that you can apply to the daughter’s room.

1. Traditional Tween Bedroom

tween girl bedroom ideas
Source by Patina Home Design

First, you can separate the bed and give the children space for each. Next, fill it with white furniture, wall paint, and other stuff that will be nice. You need to adjust the right color for your girls’ preference.

2. Beach Style Girl Bedroom

tween bedroom ideas girl
Source by Schell Brothers

The color used is not so girly, but still, it catches the attention. The blue and yellow combination is just a perfect blend. It lives up to the mood in the room. Lastly, the pattern on the bed cover can make your girls fall for it directly.

3. Sweet Pink Girl Tween Bedroom

tween girls bedroom ideas
Source by Lark Interior

The color combination of pink and white are the best. It creates a sweet and calm feeling over there. Further, your children will have their own space to grow up.

4. Timeless Ideas of Tween Bedroom

tween bedroom ideas small room
Source by Jan Jones LLC

With multicolored on the floor, it makes it feel joyful when entering the room. Then, the bedroom concept is not too childish, so your children will like it the most. Even it is a neutral concept, but you can try this for your children.

5. White Wall and Wooden Tween Bedroom

tween girl bedroom ideas for small rooms
Source by Ashley Martin Home

The white color dominates the room. With some wood touch and polka dot bed cover, it is nice to live up the room. Further, you can add some framed mirrors or framed pictures to give some art touch there.

6. Eclectic Tween Bedroom

tween bedroom decorating ideas
Source by Corners Interior Design, LLC.

A nice touch of how the color works there. It is always lovely to see blue and pink combined to create a fresh feeling. Also, using a neutral pattern of bed cover helps it shine with the wall.

7. Classic Girly Tween Bedroom

girl tween bedroom ideas
Source by Knight Architects LLC

When you like classic style, you can ask your children to like it too. Do it unspokenly by having this style in their room. The girl will like the bright color on the bed. Then, a lovely drawer and seats make it a comfortable room to grow up.

8. Scandinavian Tween Bedroom Ideas

small tween bedroom ideas
Source by Masfotogenica Interiorismo

It is an excellent concept while the two beds are close to the walls. Set the framed picture over the bed as decorative stuff. Then, the blue and green combination on the bed will give a fresh touch to the room.

9. Square Pattern Tween Bedroom

tween girl bedroom decorating ideas
Source by Lexington Textil

First, you can start with having a small table side to the bed. Then, you can choose the correct pattern and color to match the style. This square pattern will give a fresh tone, and the wooden table takes on a warm feeling.

10. Brick Wall-style Tween Bedroom

bedroom ideas for tween girl
Source by Jessica Cain

An excellent combination of some color in creating a girly touch here. Don’t let your wall empty. You add some pattern or texture, such as brick wallpaper. Then, on the bed, use a metal platform bed and bright bed cover color.

11. Girly Farmhouse Tween Bedroom

tween girl bedroom paint ideas
Source by Design Shop Interiors

It is a great inspiration for your girl tween. Set the color with white and soft pink for a bright tone. Then, on the floor, you can have a nice pattern carpet. It is a cute and refreshed bedroom.

12. Princess Style Tween Bedroom

cool tween bedroom ideas
Source by Stuart Carlisle

Your girls will feel like princesses with this concept bedroom. The bed’s form is like in the movie. Then, simple tween bedroom decor like shelves and multicolored walls support the dream bedroom.

Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas

The boys tend hard to please. They might start to think independently from the kids. But, in their tween stage, it is the time to give freedom. You can let them make their bedroom design. We provide various ideas of the boys’ concept bedroom. From the sport to the dark design are lying here. Let’s take a look.

1. Sports Theme Bedroom Ideas

cool tween girl bedroom ideas
Source by Grace Thomas Designs

 As the sport dominates here, you can make your boys happy. They might feel like having great space and feel free to express themselves. Further, don’t forget to make it complete with a basket ring and famed sport shirt there.

2. Large Space Tween Boy Bedroom

tween boy bedroom ideas
Source by Notting Hill Interiors Inc.

Having a large area will make kids happy. Furthermore, the style is like the playground. The rope from ceiling to bed makes it interesting, even simple stuff. Then, choose the white or gray color for the wall and bed stuff. further, you can also add some bright colors to make it eye-catching.

3. Bunk Bed Tween Bedroom

tween boy bedroom ideas on a budget
Source by Liz Carroll Interiors

 An elegant look shows that it is worth enough. With soft color on the furniture and wall, a fresh feeling turns the room. Further, the bunk bed idea will be perfect if you have boys or twin children. It still gives them a space to explore more.

4. Simple Modern Tween bedroom

tween boys bedroom ideas
Source by Cortney Bishop Design

“Simple is the best” suits this bedroom concept. There aren’t many ornaments, but a simple small desk and plant can make it interesting. Then, your children will feel like they are in their teens.

5. Beach Style Tween Bedroom

tween bedroom color ideas
Source by Perfect Stays

The boys will like this because they use a neutral color. Besides, it has a blue color that gives a cool tone and fresh feeling there. Your children will feel like they can cool down, though.

6. Themed Tween Bedroom

decorating ideas for tween bedroom
Source by Interior Reflections Ltd

With a lot of space on the wall, you can set some themed-painting. You can draw it with something that your children like, such as their favorite cartoon characters. Then, this tween bedroom painting can also be a neutral design so that you can set it for boys or girls.

7. Coastal Boy Tween Bedroom

tween bedroom ideas boy
Source by Jan Jones LLC

A nice design with a separate bed there. Even if it is in the same room, you can separate them with a tween bedroom curtain. Further, the spacious room will make the children feel free to arrange their stuff.

8. Lined Floor Concept Tween Bedroom

modern tween bedroom ideas
Source by EB Designs

Even it has a soft color, but you can use it for all genders. Keep the wall color, but you can change the pillow with other colors. The boys will like a spacious bedroom and well separated.

9. Contemporary Tween Bedroom

tween small bedroom ideas
Source by London Bay Homes

It is a nice bedroom since you have a good floor plan. You can use this for the boys’ room. Further, you can change the framed picture with what they like but keep the wall color. Blue is a fresh color in the room for their growth.

10. Grey Tile Tween Bedroom

boy tween bedroom ideas
Source by Prashant Bhat Photography

A trendy design and well decorated are complete in this bedroom. Your tween will like it because it will shine in the day because of the sunlight. Thus, you change the color of the shelf and ornament to match the children’s feelings.

11. Dark Wood Flooring Bedroom

tween bedroom design ideas
Source by Studio G Interior Design Ltd

The design is really to the boy’s preference. It is a nice thing in the back wall with graffiti there. Then, on the wall side, you can set the shelf and study space for the boys.

12. Tropical Boys Tween Bedroom

tween boy bedroom decorating ideas
Source by De Jesus Architecture & Design

With a big space for a bedroom, this concept will suit the boys. Set the bed into one wall and another side for the wardrobe or shelves. You can separate the bed with enough space with a study desk. However, it is a nice design with a fresh tone.

13. Manchester Tween Bedroom Ideas

cool bedroom ideas for tween boys
Source by The Design House

The young kids will like the concept. You seem to have a bunk bed, but with a different style. For lighting, you can have track one. You can point it to the wall or wherever you want. Then, for the upper bed, it is hung with a hard rope.

14. Coastal Remodel Tween Bedroom

tween bedroom makeover ideas
Source by Studio McGee

For the children that have relative age to the teen, this bedroom idea will help you. They will not refuse because the color pattern on the room is neutral. Black, white, and grey ornament is a good combination. Furthermore, you still can feel the coast touch with the brightness of furniture and design.

Twin Baby Room Ideas

With two kids in the house, you might be overwhelmed. But, don’t worry, at this stage, you can decorate the room as you want. The crib is a must when it comes to the baby. Choose the best material and also the one that suits the design of the room. Here are various concepts for the baby. Some designs seem to have open beds, but you can use the core ideas of the design.

1. Neutral Bedroom Color


Giving a neutral tone in the bedroom is the safe choice. For babies, you can have a bedroom with a fence surrounding it to keeping it safe. Then, with gray color and some painting on the wall enough to make it great.

2. Retro Tween Bedroom

Source by AVID Associates LLC

It seems to have excellent color combinations. Neutral and bright colors blend perfectly in creating a love for children. Then, having a baby bedroom like this is not a bad idea. You can have some play space in the room.

3. Trendy Tween Bedroom

Source by MW Architects

Even if it is placed on the upper part of the house, you can still make it great. Using white color is the right choice. Further, the design also makes the room spacious.

4. Iron Twin Bed

Source by L’Atelier Natalia Willmott

Besides the color use and furniture, you can also set the bed in style. An iron bed is a good choice, while a casual style becomes too familiar. Then, you can choose a contrast color for the bed cover and set the wall with a pattern.

5. White Wooden Crib Bedroom

Source by Paper + Pate Photography

A typical baby bedroom for twins. But, you can still make it enjoyable with another pillow or hanging flags. Otherwise, it is a safe choice with neutral color since it is for the baby.

6. Classic Long Crib Bedroom

Source by Perfect Touch Interiors

It is big enough for your twin baby. They can play in the room and sleep on the cribs. Further, you can also have a comfortable chair while playing or monitoring your children.

7. Colorful Zig-zag Flooring Bedroom

Source by YDC design

Great concept with the color things in the room. First, set the floor mat with a colorful zigzag. Then, match the wall with some painting that has the same color tone. You can use this design for the baby. I need to change the bed with a crib. However, this could be the best tween bedroom set.

8. Contemporary Tween Baby

Source by The Design House

A great bed design for the baby. You can add cribs if you are worried the children will fall. Then, get a multicolored wall, and some words can be the best decorations. On the other side, you can still have a small wardrobe for the children.

9. Small Cottage Tween Bedroom Ideas

Source by The Design House

A lovely pattern for bed cover and decoration. Over the bed, you can set the interior like animals and fences. So, it will be like the bedroom is close to the animal farm. Hanging some baskets on the other side wall seems perfect for the children’s stuff. Thus, this is an excellent example of a tween bedroom for a small room.


Have you figured out the bedroom you want? Every style and design have their characteristics. You might need to match it with your tween preference. Asking them first is the safest way before starting to decorate it. They might have their ideas, and you can elaborate with your desire. However, the design needs a focal point that your tween loves.

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