30+ Glam Bedroom Ideas: How to Add Glamorous to a Cozy Space

Glam Bedroom Ideas. Usually, a cozy bed is the first thing we need from a bedroom, no matter what design we prefer. One of those reasons is that the bedroom is a place to rest and relax. However, having the right and suitable interior design is also essential. Besides, it will also be fantastic to increase the room’s atmosphere by changing the decor with a specific style.

Among many great decors, the glam bedroom is one of the most extraordinary rooms with its fancy and impressive look. Like its name, a glam bedroom is often identical to luxury and glamorous interiors such as metallic furniture or glittery walls. This idea might be perfect for applying to your room if you enjoy an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Here, we have collected some of the best glam bedroom decor ideas to inspire you.

Modern Glam Bedroom Ideas

Modern style is one of the most famous ideas we often adopt while decorating a bedroom. Usually, a room with this style looks simpler but up-to-date. However, combining it with glamorous decor would also increase the room’s value. If you love to decorate your bedroom with this design, here are some amazing ideas to help you choose the right ones.

Classy Contemporary Room

Placing a single bed next to this big open window brings a wonderful sensation, especially to enjoy the outside view. Its asymmetrical carpet placement will not bother our sight because it fits this bedroom elegantly. Besides that, the abstract art and reflective wall behind the headboard increase the room’s uniqueness and contemporary look.

Charming White Interior

Every aspect of this bedroom shows a new experience, as if we are relaxing near a beach close to an ocean. Its interior is filled with white, metallic, and silvery furniture. Also, a fluffy carpet, cozy bed, and even abstract pendant light bring comfort and a delightful feeling into the room.

Artistic Bedroom Accessories

An abstract multicolored wall shows an aesthetic part of this medium-sized bedroom. It beautifies the room with black and white furnishings and cute accessories. Also, those combinations of styles and colors create a contemporary look inside this master bedroom.

Creative Wall Decor

An ornament wallpaper here shows its decorative side with the help of some creative wall art and a modern pendant. Besides, this bedroom is unique, with plenty of mirrors installed on the closet doors. Then, the neutral beige color fills almost the entire room and blends with a navy curtain and headboard perfectly.

Majestic Master Bedroom

This bedroom’s super large area and complete furniture have become a dream for some people. Its glamorous interior is filled with lovely decor and does not look too much. Additionally, the green and beige combinations make the room look mature and suitable for adults.

Mesmerizing Blue Headboard

A headboard also has a part in making this bedroom look appealing. It has a navy blue touch that matches the bed. Also, its tall height brings a luxurious impression and fits with the room’s naturally colored walls.

Romantic Cottage Bedroom

If you are interested in Hollywood glam master bedroom ideas, this combines glamorous and cottage styles. Its dramatic look results from a mix of white walls, dark hardwood floors, and chic furniture. Moreover, the quality of light is impressive because the sunlight comes through the windows easily and makes the room look natural.

Comfortable Teen Room

Red is the only bold color touch in this bedroom, appearing on the pillow. However, the most dominant color tone here is neutral, or we can see a combination of beige, white, and grey. To summarize, this room suits the teen who loves warmth and simplicity.

Gothic Black Bedroom

Mysterious and dark are two important things to describe this room. Almost all parts here are covered in black, and only a small amount of white is seen. As one of the examples of black glam bedroom ideas, this bedroom looks sensational and perfect for those who fancy dark colors.

Marvelous Warm-toned Bedroom

In this bedroom, a combination of grey and silver creates a warm color tone. It also shows the room’s contemporary look and avoids boredom. Also, the silver touch can be seen on the wall, furniture, and accessories, while grey is on the curtain and window.

Impressive Futuristic Bedroom

An innovative design and a contemporary look are two important aspects of this large bedroom. Its spectacular interior results from a combination of white, grey, and orange touches. Besides providing a space for the bed, there is a seating area surrounded by glass windows so the owner can enjoy the backyard view.

Natural Earth-tone Decor

Earth color tone almost filled this spacious bedroom beautifully. Its peaceful atmosphere results from a perfect combination of color and the choice of furniture material. Then, the decor is super simple but adorns this room admirably.

Trendy Red and Grey

Mixing and matching dark color tones for a bedroom design could create stylish and unique decor. Here, grey walls match the carpet and furniture and blend well with dark hardwood floors. Then, a little touch of red on the bedding set and wall art makes the room look bold and glamorous.

Vintage Glam Bedroom Ideas

Vintage style always looks unique and exclusive, especially in a glam bedroom. Combining these two styles can give us a dazzling and luxurious interior design. Moreover, the choice of color tones and accessories are often different. Thus, these are some impressive recommendations for vintage glam bedroom ideas.

Elegant Mediterranean Decor

A romantic and warm atmosphere is one of the great characteristics of this Mediterranean bedroom. Its decoration is simple but still elegant, with beautiful vintage accessories. Moreover, the room is large enough to provide a space for cozy chairs.

Simple Traditional Style

Although this bedroom has no glittery accessories or luxurious furniture, it can still show its glamorous part. It starts by adding some hanging photographs on the wall to make the room less empty. Then, shiny glass drawer chests are on the left and right sides of the bed. Also, other room accessories adorn the room beautifully.

Classic Pink and Grey

Grey walls and pink accessories fit each other in this bedroom. Its classical style comes from installing a big traditional chandelier and the choice of furnishings. Besides, this room can be one of the best glam master bedroom ideas because of its great combinations of colors and layout.

Grey Patterned Wallpaper

A patterned wallpaper behind the headboard is the key to this transitional bedroom. It comes in grey and matches the color of the chandelier and carpet. Additionally, a touch of white on other walls, furniture, and accessories varies the room’s color tone flawlessly.

Adult Spacious Room

Adults may enjoy spending their time relaxing in this warm bedroom. It seems cozy because the color tone is natural, and there is no bright color. Nevertheless, this tone brings comfort and lets the owner feel calm while resting here.

Fancy Silver Furniture

Having an Indian-inspired bedroom would bring a new wonderful experience. As we can see in this one, the room has plenty of gold and silvery furniture with luxurious ornaments. This room becomes a perfect example of gold and silver glam bedroom ideas.

Vintage Floral Wallpaper

A dark blue floral wallpaper is here to create a vintage look and captivating room decor. It matches the furniture and blends well with white walls and grey curtains. Installing this stylish chandelier is also a great decision to increase the room’s artistic look.

Cozy Cream Bedroom

Like this room, casual style can be a part of glam bedroom design ideas. Its neutral color brings a calm atmosphere and fits the spacious room. Then, the honeycomb shades are installed in all windows to protect the room from the hot sun.

Brightly Fresh Atmosphere

Good air circulation and quality of light make this bedroom seem healthier. Its interior adopts a traditional style with neutral color tones. However, the room’s simplicity and natural look bring tranquility and a fresh atmosphere.

Dominant Soft Blue

Soft blue on these bedroom walls allows the room to create serenity, especially with white ceilings and beige floors. These soft colors touch show that the bedroom has a traditional style. Nevertheless, some darker furniture and patterned carpet make the interior seem varied and lively.

Teal and Gold Combinations

A tall gold headboard is functional and good for an aesthetic look. It matches this bedroom’s teal blue bedding, curtains, and wall pattern. As a result, these two combinations of colors make the decor seem special and fascinating.

Teens Girls Glam Bedroom Ideas

Teenagers often prefer playful or colorful designs for their bedrooms, especially girls. Whereas some also love simplicity with soft color tones in their rooms. Nevertheless, a glam room could be great for decorating girls’ bedrooms. Therefore, let us check these ideas for teen girls’ glam bedrooms below.

Dreamy Shabby-chic Bedroom

A white bedroom will never disappoint us, especially when combined with another soft color tone like blue. However, this room has both colors and a tiny touch of gold on some accessories. It shows a luxurious and fanciful design, especially its shabby chic furniture. As a result, this room is a perfect recommendation for glam chic bedroom ideas.

Pink Victorian-inspired Bedroom

Traveling back in time through this bedroom design is a nice idea. It has an alluring painting and an extraordinary portrait on the pink walls. Besides, the choice of lovely furniture brings us back to the Victorian era with a dreamy and charming atmosphere.

Feminine European-inspired Bedroom

European style bedroom famous for its vintage but timeless look. As we can see here, the room has gold accents and soft color touch. It looks posh and classy, especially with colorful bedding and silvery furniture.

Electric Blue Wall

Painting one side of these walls with electric blue color freshens the room’s atmosphere. Besides, the blue makes this bedroom brighter with the help of two big open windows. For other variations of colors, a single orange sofa stands out well and does not bother other white furniture.

Blue Girls Room

Several shades of blue are found in this traditional bedroom, which helps create fascinating interiors. Starting from the furniture, accessories, walls, and even on the ceiling. Moreover, a classic touch also appears from a vintage chandelier, ornamental ceiling, and antique drawer chests.

Gorgeous Bohemian Decor

Bohemian room decor is often identified with a unique look like this one. Although this bedroom has many patterns, decorations, and colors, it looks open. Instead, those combinations bring lovely decor and modern style.

Beautiful Palace Style

A bedroom with a palace-inspired style always seems fascinating. It often has a large area, fancy furniture, and beautiful decor. Meanwhile, this bedroom has those characteristics with grey and silver combinations on its interior.

Inviting Large Bedroom

An inspiration for those who love simple and modern bedrooms is here. It has soft grey walls and a white ceiling with little accents of yellow on the door and window frames. Also, the wood floor matches the furniture, and the grey rug has the same color as the walls.

Wooden and Floral Accent

A preference for accent in this bedroom is magnificent. We can see the bedding with a floral accent that matches the window valance. Then, most furniture is made of wood material, and some have tiny wood accents. To sum up, this room is classy and homey at the same time.

Tropical Bedroom Idea

A bedroom with a tropical style often looks bright and open, just like this blue room. It has a big glass door facing the backyard through a balcony. Additionally, a luxurious and gorgeous bed here also becomes the center of attention.

Clean White Bedroom Design

The bedroom design is stunning for your teen girls. The spacious space, furniture, and accessories make this bedroom look glamorous. Then, the combination of colors creates an elegant feeling while looking at it. This design is very worth it to create for your child.


In conclusion, a glam bedroom comes in many variations of styles and types of decoration. Some have super luxurious decor, while others also appear with simplicity. Therefore, choosing the right design for a glam bedroom should be based on the owner’s style and needs. Also, mix and match the colors and set the layout decor carefully.

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