Reflections of Style: Unique Bedroom Mirror Ideas

Bedroom Mirror Ideas. A mirror is a part of home accessories that we can find in almost every aspect of the house. It is helpful to see our reflection and is perfect for wall decoration. Moreover, mirrors come in many variations of shapes and styles. We can find it in oval, rectangle, or even round shapes. Meanwhile, the types are more varied, such as classical, contemporary, glamorous, and others.

Providing a mirror in a bedroom is an excellent idea because this is the place where we often prepare ourselves. However, it is essential to consider the best position to place a mirror in a bedroom. Usually, the best place to put it is next to or above the bed, vanity, or opposite window. Thus, if you are looking for mirror ideas for bedroom, here are several recommendations that you should consider. 

Mirror Ideas for Small Bedroom

Since there is limited space in a small bedroom, it might be tricky to decorate. Nevertheless, there are always possibilities to handle this problem, and one of those ideas is to provide mirrors in a bedroom. Not only for decoration or to help us prepare, but the mirror also makes the room seem spacious. Hence, let us check several recommendations of mirror ideas for small bedrooms below.

Multiple Cute Mirrors

These tiny mirrors create adorable bedroom decor by decorating an empty wall above the bed. Besides that, each mirror has a beautiful frame suitable for the room’s shade of colors. Also, this type of mirror is perfect for decorating a small bedroom.

Triple Bullseye Mirrors

Small circles mirrors are great for a big or small bedroom because they take up little space. Meanwhile, we have three small bullseye mirrors mounted on the wall to face the bed in this room. Although small in size, this type of mirror can function to reflect the whole room excellently.

Fancy Rectangle Mirror

A big rectangle mirror above the bed in this bedroom looks exclusive and contemporary. It is a built-in mirror almost the same length as the bed. Moreover, the large open door allows the sunlight to come through and then be reflected by the mirror to make the room brighter.

Mirrored walls for Loft 

Since this loft bedroom is not spacious enough, providing this built-in wall mirror will be magnificent. It can expand the view and make the room seem more significant. Besides, its half-round shape reflects the beam almost entirely and creates a beautiful reflection.

Arch Mirror Above Fireplace

Instead of placing the mirror on a vanity, this bedroom has it in the space above a fireplace. Additionally, it is an arch mirror with a silver frame that matches the room’s white wall and wooden furniture. To sum up, this bedroom has a rustic interior due to all of those combinations.

Closets’ Mirror Doors

Luxurious and glamorous looks are two things we can catch from this contemporary bedroom. However, what becomes the center of attention is its huge closets’ mirror doors that help to make the room more spacious. Besides, this type of mirror is suitable for a big or small bedroom.

Contemporary Black-framed Mirror

A black-framed mirror above the bed adorns this small bedroom nicely. It has a contemporary design with a unique shape. Also, we don’t need to put other wall decorations around it to create an elegant and simple look. 

Nordic Mirror Decor

The impressive small mirror in this bedroom wall comes with a beautiful Nordic style on the frames. As part of the wall decor, these pretty mirrors have a combination of gold and silver shades that adorn this white room elegantly. Moreover, these four mirrors increase the room’s classical look and match the furniture design.

Rustic Window Pane Mirror

A large-sized mirror with a windowpane frame completes a rustic touch in this bedroom. It covers one side of the wall and faces the bed directly. Furthermore, the mirror adorns this white room and several pieces of furniture, which then creates a simple eclectic style.

Adorable Hanging Mirror

We finally found one of the most adorable vanity mirror ideas for a small bedroom. It is a round mirror with a hanging rope mounted to the wall. Moreover, the mirror looks beautiful with the room’s coastal interior design and does not take up too much space with its size.

Bedroom Wall Mirror Ideas

The wall mirror is the type of mirror that the owners often prefer to have in their bedrooms. It is simpler and available in many shapes and sizes. Besides, we can also choose and match it to our room design. If you plan to get a wall mirror in your bedroom, we have found some designs that might catch your eye. Thus, these are some brilliant recommendations for wall mirrors in bedroom ideas. 

Elegant Oval Mirror

A contemporary bedroom often has a minimalist design and is also completed with simple but elegant accessories. The big wall-mounted mirror has a black background that matches the other dark-colored furniture in this bedroom. Its oval shape fits the room nicely and only takes up a little space.

Shabby-chic Double Mirrors

A beautiful bedroom needs stunning accessories, like these double mirrors. Both mirrors are in the exact shape and design. Also, these mirrors are completed with rustic ropes that hang on black hooks.

Vintage Gold Mirror

A stunning mirror hung next to a bed in this bedroom helps create traditional decor. It has a vintage style with a golden framed and oval shape. Also, the mirror blends naturally with the room’s white color and hardwood flooring.

Classic Mirror for Bohemian Room

Girls bedroom with a pink touch on its interior is always fascinating, just like this room. However, adding a gold-framed mirror above the bed also becomes the center of attention. It brings a classic look and blends well with the room’s bohemian style.

Luxurious Petal-shaped Mirror

A beautiful bedroom needs a gorgeous decoration like this petal-shaped hanging mirror. Its unique design adorns this peach room nicely and other fancy accessories. Besides, the frame size does not bother the function of the mirror itself.

Stylish Mirror for Mid-sized Bedroom

Although this bedroom design seems simple in style with so many natural color tones, its wall mirror looks more stylish. It has a silver frame with small pieces of other mirrors on the edge. It also brings balance into the room and only seems a little for bedroom accessories.

Fresh Green-framed Mirror

While decorating a bedroom with coastal style, we need to provide a touch of green on its interior. The coastal bedroom has a little touch of dark green on a round mirror frame. It helps to increase tranquility and makes the room seem more lively.

Silver Sun-shaped Mirror

If you are looking for master bedroom mirror ideas that are simple but exquisite, this one would be perfect to consider. It has a silver touch with a sun shape on its frame. Then, its size is just a little small and big but can fit the room elegantly.

Carved Mirror Frames

The Victorian-style bedroom is identical to a charming and fancy design and includes these gorgeous mirrors. Both mirrors are similar and have stunning carved frames suitable for the room’s beige color. Besides, they are mounted on the wall beside the bed and complete the bedside tables splendidly.

Stunning Multi-sized Mirrors

Collecting many types of mirrors as the wall decoration is a fun idea. Same as the ones we have in this bedroom, there are mirrors of different shapes and sizes. These mirrors fill the grey wall attractively and keep the room away from gloom and emptiness.

Full-Length Mirror in Bedroom Ideas

Besides small mirrors or mirrors, we often use for vanity, having an oversized full-length mirror in the bedroom will provide more advantages. It can show us a total reflection and give us a larger view. Furthermore, this type of mirror can also help adorn and decorate the room’s interior. Therefore, these are the full-length mirror bedroom ideas with so many styles that we have selected.

Decorative Mirror Wall

Adding a big full mirror on one part of the walls in this bedroom makes it feel more spacious. It reflects almost the whole area and attractively fits the room’s monochrome color. Then the installation of this mirrored wall also shows the room’s modern and inviting atmosphere.

Huge Standing Mirror

As one of the best examples of big mirror ideas for a bedroom, this one is huge in size and simple in appearance. It is part of a standing mirror and is placed across the window to reflect the light from outside. As a result, its size and layout make the room looks bigger and brighter.

Fascinating Mirror Wardrobes

Changing a conventional wardrobe door into this mirror can be very functional. Besides being practical, the mirror door works well for the visual, making the room seem more significant. It also reflects the lights and creates a brighter and fresher atmosphere.

Tall Mirrors Above Bed

Installing full-length mirrors around the bed area is a good idea. As we can see in this bedroom, two tall mirrors are mounted on the wall above the bed. Although this type of mirror is often put somewhere else, it seems fine in this position and shows a classic look instead.

Wooden-framed Standing Mirror

This contemporary bedroom’s standing mirror with a wooden frame shows a natural and fascinating design. It is placed next to a bed and near a matching dresser. Also, its full-length type and the area where it is located allow us to prepare and see our reflection perfectly.

Large Wall-mounted Mirror

Instead of installing a full-length mirror next to a bed, this bedroom prefers to be next to a window. It does not reflect too much light from outside but is excellent for better lighting while looking at the mirror. On the other hand, the room is spacious, making it suitable for the mirror size.

Modern Mirrored Partition

A wall partition has a function to separate spaces, just like the ones in this bedroom. It is placed in the middle of the room between the bed and the seating area. Other than that, its simple design and the way the mirror faces the bed upgrades the room style into a modern one.

Classic Rectangle Wall Mirror

Placing a mirror far from the bed area could be an excellent idea if you have a bedroom with a long space. It is good to make other areas besides the bed looks complete. Also, it becomes a part of wall decoration, especially if the mirror hangs next to some creative wall art.

Small Standing Mirror

A spacious bedroom only sometimes means we need to provide a big mirror. Having a small one is better than the standing mirror in this large room. It stands alone in the middle of drawers and shelving units but still needs to reduce its function.

Exquisite Mirrored Headboard

Using a rectangle mirror as a base of this headboard bed creates an aesthetic look. It makes the bed show its elegant reflection, along with two bedside tables. Moreover, the mirror is oversized, so it covers almost the entire part of the wall behind the bed.


In conclusion, choosing the best mirrors for our bedroom is not the hardest. However, sometimes it could be puzzling for some people, especially to match its design and size with the room itself. Hopefully, the impressive mirror ideas above help you choose the suitable ones for your lovely bedroom.

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