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Laundry Room Sink Ideas (Utility Sink and Cabinet Design)

Laundry Room Sink Ideas. A laundry room or utility room is a particular room for washing and drying clothes. We might find it in the basement, near the kitchen, or garage. Nowadays, this room includes a washer and dryer. Additionally, there are also some functional fixtures installed, such as ironing board and laundry sink.

A laundry room with sink might be essential ideas for those who often wash their sweaters or particular clothes by hand. It is also perfect for the room with extra space, and it also helps to increase its function. However, choosing the right sink for a laundry room is essential. Therefore, the homeowner needs to pay attention to some main parts, especially on the sizes, materials, and styles. Here, we provide some information about the laundry room sink that might be important for yours.

Does the laundry room need a sink?

Since not every clothing material is suitable to wash in a machine, the homeowner might need to have a laundry sink as an alternative space. It provides enough space for washing clothes by hand. Besides, this sink helps you while treating stains or cleaning the house. Nevertheless, the homeowners need to consider choosing the right sink if they have a small laundry room. In short, having a sink in a laundry room is very helpful ideas for the homeowners to do their cleaning activity.

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Best material of sink for laundry room

A key for having an excellent sink in a laundry room depends on its material. At stores, there are so many material types that we can choose. However, choosing the best one that can fit your needs and your room might be tricky. Therefore, here are several best material recommendations for the laundry room sink.

1. Acrylic

Although acrylic is lightweight, it is durable enough as a sink material. Besides, this sink is resistant to stains and scratches. However, it produces a loud noise once the water hits its surface and is not as resistant to heat than others.

2. Cast Iron

Cast iron sink is popular with its durable and best quality material. It has an enamel coating that can withstand water with high temperatures. Even though this sink can stand for years, its enamel may crack and expose its metal. Thus, cast iron sinks require maintenance, and the homeowner should re-glazed it regularly.

3. Ceramic

With a non-porous surface, this ceramic sink is more resistant to stains than other materials. It is because the ceramic fired at high temperatures during its manufacturing process. Also, this material is sturdy, shiny, and easy to clean.

4. Porcelain

Appealing and classical are two things that we can get from this porcelain sink. It makes this sink look timeless and shows a luxurious appearance to your laundry room. Furthermore, this shiny sink material is heat resistant and easy to clean.

5. Stainless steel

Stainless steel utility sink provides an industrial look in a laundry room. It looks simple, easy to clean, and its material is lightweight. However, similar to acrylic material, the stainless steel sink also produces a loud noise when the water hits its surface.

Tips to install a perfect laundry room sink

A laundry room with sink functions much better and more convenient to use for cleaning. It is more practical for the homeowner to clean their stained clothes and move them to the washer and dryer. Therefore, with so many advantages of installing a sink in a laundry room, you might need to consider getting one in your room. If you are interested, take a look at these tips to install a perfect sink below.

1. Install the laundry sink near the washer

By locating a laundry sink next to the machine, it will be easier for you to move the wet clothes. Also, it can help you avoid dipping a lot of water on the floor when carrying the laundry.

2. Choose a deep and large-sized basin

Laundry room sink size is essential to consider. Therefore, choosing the one with the deep and large-sized bowl is perfect to increase the sink functionality.

3. Get a functional faucet

Instead of installing a small faucet, you can get a high arc faucet with a pull-down sprayer. It can also help to rinse the sink easily and more conveniently. Moreover, you can also choose the one with a side sprayer, which is longer and easier for filling the bucket on the countertop.

4. Use the board for additional workstations.

If your sink does not come with the board, you can try to make your own. It provides extra space in your laundry room so that you can maximize your workspace. Also, you can use the board to sort some dirty clothes and fold the dry ones.

5. Beautify your laundry sink look

Besides functional, a laundry sink also needs decorations to improve its form. You can start by covering the legs and storage with lovely sink skirts. Also, make sure to choose the right color and use a water-repellent fabric.

6. Utilize the space near the sink as a storage

Storage is essential to store some cleaning and laundry products. You can utilize space near the sink to install upper cabinets or shelvings. As a result, you can save those products orderly, and the room will be more well-arranged.

7. Prevent clogging by using drain strainer

When washing the clothes, we might find muds or lint attached to the fabric. It can create the risk of clogging on the drain line. Thus, to prevent it, you can install a removable strainer.

8. Think about your budget

When you decide to go to stores to find a laundry sink, make sure you suit it with your room’s need and your budget. If you have a small and limited laundry room, consider getting an inexpensive standalone sink. On the other hand, if you prefer the luxurious one, you can have a custom-built cabinet with a drop-in sink and a solid surface.

Best laundry room sink ideas and design

A sink is not only functional in a bathroom or a kitchen, but it is also essential to have in a laundry room. Commonly, every sink has similar functions, and one of them is to help you clean up something. However, choosing a laundry sink should not be done randomly. Thus, take a look at these recommendations of the best laundry room sink ideas and design below.

Small contemporary laundry room

Corbin Reeves Construction

A small laundry sink is perfect for this tiny laundry room. It does not take a lot of space, and you still can reach it while washing the clothes using the washer and dryer. Also, this contemporary room looks complete with a built-in cabinet below the sink.

Laundry room with pop-up color

City Homes, LLC

Stylish and contemporary are the first things we get from this laundry room. It has a combination of green and white. As we can see, there is a drop-in sink installed on a green cabinet. In short, this design is perfect if you have a mid-sized laundry room.

Drop in sink laundry room

Inspired Closets by Organized Spaces

Similar to the previous room, this one also has a drop-in sink. It is installed next to a stacked washer and dryer. Moreover, this room arrangement allows the owner to work fast and more conveniently. 

Middle sink laundry room

Geschke Group Architecture

If you have a large laundry room, this design is perfect to have. It has a sink between two cabinets. Then, there is also washer and dryer next to the cabinets with open shelves above the machines.

Laundry room sink with backsplash

Allison Lind Interiors

A patterned backsplash on the back of the sink brings a trendy look in this contemporary laundry room. Besides protecting your wall from the water splash, it also creates a better view. In short, it allows the owner to spend more time without feeling bored and inconvenient.

Mid-sized utility laundry room

Hobsons Choice

Unlike other sinks in the previous rooms, this one has an unintegrated sink between two cabinets. On its left side, there is a stacked washer and dryer so that the cleaning activity can be faster and easier. Furthermore, this mid-sized utility laundry room has a u-shaped design, and it looks simple in the dominant white color.

Laundry room with undermount sink

SHELTER Custom-Built Living

Inside this mid-sized laundry room, there is a contemporary design with a perfect arrangement. Additionally, we can find an undermount sink next to a side-by-side washer and dryer. It looks excellent on a quartzite countertop and fits very well with the room style.

Trendy l-shaped laundry room

Inouye Design

Beside the L-shaped room, there is also a laundry room that applies I-shape as its design. Here, the owner installs an unintegrated sink on a white countertop. There is also a side by side washer and dryer on a wood cabinet.

One-wall laundry room

Dutchman Furniture LLC

If you have a small laundry room, you might consider arranging it similar to this one. In this room, all of the appliances are arranged on one side. There is a cabinet with an undermount sink with the washer and dryer next to it.

Vintage sink laundry room

Gonyea Custom Homes

A spacious laundry room is suitable with a large utility sink. Additionally, the sink appears in classical style. It also looks perfect in this vintage room.

Laundry room sink cabinet ideas

Commonly, a laundry room consists of several things, such as a sink, washer, and dryer machine. However, a laundry room looks incomplete without storage space, and it makes most of the large laundry rooms have cabinets inside it. Not only a large room, but we can also install it in a small room. Here, we have selected several laundry room cabinets recommendations to inspire you. 

Glass-front sink cabinet

Bjornson Designs

A modern laundry room looks perfect with this glass-front sink cabinet. It has two doors and appears in grey. Moreover, the cabinets are large enough to store some laundry or other essential stuff.

Flat-panel sink cabinet

TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

In this mid-sized laundry room, there is a flat-panel cabinet with granite countertops and an undermount sink. It has three doors with a handle on each. Also, these grey cabinets look suitable for the room’s modern style. 

Shaker sink cabinet

Plain and Posh

Green shaker cabinets in this room look vintage and astonishing. It has a touch of white on its quartz countertops and fits perfectly with the undermount sink. Those who have a mid-sized laundry room must try this combination of sink and shaker cabinets design.

Beaded inset sink cabinet

Brooks and Falotico Associates, Inc.

Simple and elegant are two things we can experience with this mid-sized laundry room. It has a traditional style and dominant white touch. Furthermore, we can see a beaded inset sink cabinet that provides plenty of space for storage. 

Louvered sink cabinet

Kitchen Capital WA

When it comes to a farmhouse room, the design always looks unique and extraordinary. As we can see, the room filled with green louvered cabinets. Then near the washer and dryer, there are two sink cabinets with quartz countertops and a drop-in sink. 

Laundry room utility sink ideas

Since there are so many laundry room sinks available in stores, it might be confusing for us to choose one of them. These sinks come in different models, material, and even colors. Nevertheless, we need to know their specifications before taking them home. Thus, have a look at these excellent ideas of laundry room utility sink below. 

All-in-one Laundry Sink Set


A great combination of sink and cabinet here looks very practical and functional. It has an 18 gauge extra thick stainless steel sink so that it will not produce noises and be durable. Moreover, the component also includes a strainer and a highly durable faucet.

Large Utility Tub


Since this sink has a large tub, it can hold a big capacity of clothes and water. Besides, you can use it to wash your pets or BBQ grates. Also, this sink features a pull-out faucet and legs for stabilizing. Then, its polypropylene material and white finish prove that this laundry sink is reliable and easy to install.

Shiny Stainless Steel Sink


If you love sleek design sinks, this one can fit your needs with its durability and simple design. Additionally, this sink features a large stainless steel bowl with rounded edges, a single handle faucet, and adjustable plastic feet to stabilize the sink. Although it does not include an inner basket, this sink has a simple drain and additional raised ribs area for storing accessories.

Wall Mounted Laundry Tub


A combination of fibreglass, crushed stone and resin produce this reliable and durable utility sink. It appears in white and has a smooth surface. With a 19 gallon capacity and deep tub, this sink provides enough space to wash plenty of clothes or clean other things.

Glazed Steel Utility Sink


Whether for a kitchen, garage, or even laundry room, this sink is perfect to have. It is made of glazed steel material with a navy PVC edge. There is no faucet hole, but it has a drain valve and overflow set with chain and plug. Besides, this sink looks complete with glazed white finish and large size.

Dark Tone Laundry Sink Set


Not only looks unique because of its dark color, but this laundry sink is also very functional. It features a stainless steel pull down sprayer faucet, integrated supply lines, and drainage. Moreover, this freestanding sink set is constructed from metal and plastic, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Floor Mount Laundry Tub


With an 18 gallon capacity of the bowl, you can use this sink to rinse a lot of clothes in one place. It has an integrated molded drain, stopper, and white finish. Also, this laundry tub appears in 24-inch x 20-inch size with legs and sturdy material.

Commercial Utility Sink


Besides in the laundry room, this sink is also suitable for kitchen, bar, cafeteria, or even garage. It is constructed from a stainless steel material that has a standard for public health and can last a lifetime. Furthermore, this utility sink features a large bowl, backsplash with faucet moles, and basket strainer drain. Also, if you find scratches and scuffs on its surface, it is normal and natural.

Blue and Black Freestanding Tub


Unlike any other sink, this one does not complete with cabinets. It is a freestanding utility sink set with metal legs, high arc faucet, foot levelers, integrated supply lines, and drainage. Moreover, its tub can contain 19 gallons of water and large laundry so that you can scrub, rinse, and soak quickly. 

Versatile Sink and Cabinet Set


If you are looking for a combination of modern and classical utility sink cabinet kit, this one is perfect for you. It has small wooden cabinets for storing cleaning supplies and a 13.5 inches deep basin. Additionally, there is also a pulled-down faucet with steam and spray. Since these white cabinets and sinks come in several variations of material, they are certainly durable and functional.

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In conclusion, the sink is not only crucial in a kitchen or a bathroom but it is also essential to have in a laundry room. Although a modern laundry room often has a washer and dryer machine, we still cannot put away the sink functionality. Therefore, providing the sink in a laundry room helps us to maximise our cleaning activity and the use of the room itself.

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