How to Hide Washer and Dryer in Kitchen?

How to hide washer and dryer in kitchen. Let’s face the truth: It isn’t easy to design an attractive washer/dryer combo set. Unless you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space in your home and the money for some really expensive appliances, no matter how nicely you cover your machines, they never look wonderful. The solution? Cover them up as best you can.

Not every home has a lot of space, so if you cannot hide your washer and dryer in some other location like the kitchen, you might be stuck with ideas and inspiration. While it’s true that these things are smaller and more portable than, for instance, a pool table, it’s still troubling to have to hide them in your kitchen! Let’s be real; a dryer and washer aren’t small things to try to hide.

Taking out or concealing your washer and dryer can help indicate the elegant aspect of your kitchen. The following hints may be helpful beyond saving not only the washer and dryer but also the cabinets and cupboards in which you keep them.

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How to hide the washer and dryer in the kitchen?

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to make your small kitchen appear larger. One way to do this is to hide your washer and dryer. Here are several creative ways to do just that! If your washer and dryer are located in your kitchen, there are several ways to hide them. One option is to install a false wall. This can be done by simply putting up a few sheets of drywall or by building a more permanent structure.

Suppose you have any space or another option to build a closet around your washer and dryer. This will give you the opportunity to add shelving and storage space for laundry supplies. Finally, if you have an unused corner in your kitchen, you can create a built-in laundry nook. This can be done by enclosing the area with cabinets or shelves.

1. Hide your washing machine in the closet

If your kitchen is short on space, try hiding your washing machine in the closet. This is a great way to save space and keep your laundry area neat and tidy. You can either build a simple enclosure around your machine or install a false wall in front of it. If you make the latter route, make sure you leave enough space behind the false wall for the machine to ventilate properly.

2. Under-the-counter washing machines

Under-the-counter washing machines are becoming increasingly popular in North America and Europe. These washers and dryers tuck away neatly beneath your kitchen counter, freeing up valuable space in small apartments and homes. If you’re considering an under-the-counter washing machine for your home, check out this list of the top five under-the-counter washing machines on the market today.

3. Inside the kitchen cabinetry

Create a false cabinet front to make your appliances look like they’re part of the cabinetry. Hinges on the false front will keep it in place and give you access to your washer and dryer controls. You can use the same material as your cabinetry for a cohesive look or paint or stain the false front to add a pop of color. Leave about an inch of space between the top of your washer and dryer and the bottom of the false front so that you can access the dials and buttons.

4. Hide your washing machine behind other appliances

Since your washing machine is fairly big, you can conceal it behind your fridge or another sizable appliance in your cooking space. You can do this by propping up appliances above your washing machine or placing them behind your fridge.

5. Hide your washing machine under the stairs

Cover the appliance with a piece of cloth if you want to avoid loading and unloading your standard washer-dryer from the outdoors several times during the year. The cloth will decrease the amount of dust and dirt that may get inside, and it will also allow your traditional washer-dryer to cultivate an intuitive appearance. If you’d like, you could even hide it inside any of the specific places in your home, like a basement.

6. Under-sink washing machines

An under-the-sink washing machine is another alternative if you enjoy relaxing in a washer sometimes. Since installation is as simple as plugging the device in, you can maximize its components without a great deal of hassle. Check out the machine before installing it in your home because these models may not work well in your sink.

7. Install a washer and dryer next to the toilet

If you want to add extra space, try locating a closet as the second bathroom area that houses your washing machine and dryer. Having it installed next to the kitchen isn’t possible, but it will be valuable for other regions of your home. It is considered that this location is not conducive to placing showers or bathtubs, given that mold may form on any surface in this area.

8. Utilize attic crawl spaces

If you’re struggling to remodel, you might construct a room for use in a location previously mentioned in your attic and kitchen. This will create a new room that you can easily access from the outdoors and has a total event space for your washer and dryer and extra storage cupboards.

9. Storage locker in the basement

A simpler way to hide your washer and dryer is to take them into your basement and buy a storage locker to hold your appliances near or inside a closet. Place them inside or near a closet, so they are barely noticeable from the rest of the home. For individuals renting their homes, this is a great alternative to building.

How to hide the top-load washer and dryer in the kitchen?

You can easily hide your top-load washer and dryer in your kitchen by following these several simple tips. First, make sure to measure the width and height of your washer and dryer. Next, determine where you want to install the cabinet doors.

Cabinet doors can be hung on the wall or mounted on the side of the cabinet. If you choose to hang the doors on the wall, you will need to use wall brackets.

Hang the cabinet doors using screws or nails and make sure that they are level. If you want to mount the doors on the side of the cabinet, you will need to use L-brackets.

Secure the L-brackets to the side of the cabinet using screws or nails. After you have installed the cabinet doors, add some trim around the edges of the doors for a finished look.

Finally, paint or stain the wood to match your kitchen cabinets.

Cheap ways to hide washer and dryer

Nine inexpensive ways to hide or dress up your washer and dryer. Most of these are easy DIY projects using items you may already have around your home. Let’s get started:

  • Washi Tape
  • Fabric Softener Sheet Dryer Door Cover
  • Cookie Sheet Backsplash
  • Magnetized Laundry Room Decor
  • Paint Them
  • Wallpaper Them
  • Wrap Them in Woven Baskets
  • Add Trim and Molding
  • Build a Box or Credenza around Them

How do you hide washer and dryer hookups?

1. Measure your appliances. Before beginning any work, you need to know the width and height of your washer and dryer so you can plan accordingly.

2. Find a location for your appliances. Once you know the dimensions of your appliances, you can start looking for a place to put them. If possible, try to find a spot that is close to an existing water line and outlet.

3. Install cabinets or shelving. Once you have found the perfect spot for your washer and dryer, you will need to install some cabinets or shelving to hide the hookups. If you are handy, you can build your own cabinets or shelves. Otherwise, you can purchase pre-made units from a home improvement store.

4. Hang a curtain. If you don’t want to create through the hassle of installing cabinets or shelving, another option is to hang a curtain in front of your washer and dryer hookups. This quick and easy solution can be easily undone if necessary.

5. Use storage bins. This is another way to hide your washer and dryer hookups is to use storage bins or baskets to cover them up. This is a great solution if you don’t have much space to work since bins can be stored in a closet or under a bed when not in use.

How do I enclose my washer and dryer?

There are several ways that you can go about enclosing your washer and dryer in your kitchen. One option is to build a custom enclosure out of cabinets or shelving. This can be a great way to create extra storage space in your kitchen for laundry supplies or other items. If you have the budget for it, another option is to have a custom enclosing unit built by a professional. This may be the best option if you want something that is specifically designed to fit your kitchen layout and appliances. Whatever route you choose, enclosing your washer and dryer can help to create a more efficient and organized laundry area in your kitchen.

How much space do you need between the washer, dryer, and countertop?

You need at least 22 inches of space between your washer, dryer, and countertop. On the other hand, if you have a front-load washer and dryer, you may need up to 30 inches of space.

How much clearance is needed for a washer and dryer?

In order to ensure that your washer and dryer have enough clearance for proper operation, you should allow at least 24 inches of space between the appliances and any other nearby objects. If possible, leaving some open space in front of the washer and dryer is also a good idea so you can easily access them when needed.


Despite everything, it’s worth keeping in mind that concealing your washer and dryer in your kitchen area (or otherwise) could be quite beneficial. It would be worth ensuring your water pressure remains as it should be before you move your washer to a new location. If you’re looking for a way to create more space in your house but don’t want to deal with construction or drilling, the above options are among the most effective things you can do. If you have more time to invest in this option, expanding your living space with a storage area for your washer and dryer could also be beneficial.

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