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Luxury Kitchen Design (Luxury Galley, L-Shaped, and U-Shaped Kitchen Design)

Luxury Kitchen Design. Food is always something unique and exciting for more if it is a home cooking food. Imagine you have unlimited money, and how can your kitchen look to produce the food? The kitchen would be having a big island, marble countertops, or even expensive appliances. Having a luxury kitchen is excellent, isn’t it?

As the prior knowledge, the luxury kitchen is mostly about high-quality material, technologies, and brand-name appliances that can make the kitchen as the magazine cover. On the other hand, creating a luxury kitchen is not that easy. It is more than adding stainless appliances and an expensive cabinet in the kitchen. You must take care of layout, material, color, and all other detail things which make the kitchen luxury as well as functional.

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Features of Luxury Kitchen Design

Everyone could have different tastes in defining a luxury kitchen. Some can say that a big stove and a large kitchen island are the sign of a luxury kitchen island. Those are true, but you can make your kitchen luxury by having these several features. Marble is a natural and luxurious material. Some people can say that marble is a crucial feature of the luxury kitchen. Then, the kitchen appliances must be a brand-name. You can’t deny that luxury also means a high price tag, and the brand-name appliances are the answer. Last but not least, a custom name-brand cabinetry. Your kitchen will not be perfectly luxurious without a high finish that serves your marble countertops and high-quality appliances.

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

The luxury kitchen is a combination of high-quality material, up-to-date technology, and brand-name appliances. When you build a new kitchen or kitchen remodel without thinking about the budget, most people will start their luxury kitchen with the layout of the kitchen. You have several options for layout such as galley kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, or U-shaped kitchen. Then, for the appliances, go with something big like the double-door refrigerator, double sink, and high technology ovens. In terms of material, usually, homeowners will come with attractive and durable material. To make it clear, here are some dream kitchen layouts and ideas for your resources.

Galley Kitchen Design

A galley kitchen is a simple kitchen that has an alley between two sides or walls. The two-sides have its function. One side usually has a stove, ovens, and storage; the other one has a sink, dishwasher, and additional cabinet storage. A galley kitchen commonly known for small houses, but with the touch of high-quality appliances and some features, it turns into a luxury one. Just remember, size is not a matter for luxury as long as it has a high-quality feature.

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What can make galley kitchens look luxurious?

If you have a small area of the kitchen, you can still make it luxury. The small kitchen can be more luxurious than the bigger one if it is well designed. You can consider putting efficient and high-quality storage in the kitchen. The options like lazy susan or cabinet door organizer is a perfect choice for galley kitchen look luxury. It can help you to work efficiently and organize in a small space like a galley kitchen.

What color makes galley kitchens look luxurious?

The color scheme in the galley kitchen is essential as you want to make your kitchen feel spacious and luxurious. It will come to a light and bright color scheme as a great idea. Your kitchen will likely be bigger. If you use a darker color in the galley kitchen, it might be cozy but would be scary in the small area. By having a great color, you already maximize the space.

Can galley kitchen combine with island or eat-in kitchen style?

As the definition, the galley kitchen has two sides between the alley, and it can allow you to have an island there. If the space between the two sides is far enough, you can put the kitchen island in the center. You can set the island if the spacewalk is 3 feet from the island and another side. That measurement also allows you to have space for an open refrigerator or dishwasher.

Galley Kitchen Luxury Design Ideas

All information about the luxury galley kitchen already mentioned. Now you can start to build your kitchen. For your references, here are some ideas of the luxury galley kitchen, which can broaden your option.

1. Longboat Luxury Galley Kitchen

Dwell Interior Staging and Redesign

As the name, it has a long-form on two sides. With marble countertops, it starts the luxury thing for the kitchen. The white and dark cabinetry works perfectly in making the kitchen alive. The handle and other metal appliances have a clean effect on the kitchen.

2. Valley Luxury Kitchen

Julie Ruef

With one side wall full of kitchen appliances, you must need the kitchen island there. Metal refrigerators and white cabinet give the touch of living. The island has a marble countertop, and blue color on the lower is enough to give a tone in the kitchen. Then, having pendant lightings over the island is a must to complete the luxury idea.

3. White Luxury Kitchen

Kaestner Designs – Kitchens, Baths & Interiors

This kitchen has a great idea with brown galley flooring, island, and big white cabinetry. You can notice that it has a metal touch and a sophisticated oven with Stainless hood from Viking. Using a brand-name appliance is one of the luxury touches. Then, round cage pendant lighting can reflect correctly on the marble countertops island.

4. Classic Luxury Galley Kitchen

Saint Clair Kitchen & Home

The kitchen shows you a great combination of wood and painted finishes. An interesting touch here is the cabinetry with glass door and some metal finish. The metal appliances, wood, and white colorwork to create a sophisticated view in the kitchen.

5. Wooden Luxury Galley Kitchen

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

The wood dominated the kitchen that put on the glasses, door cabinets, and ceiling. Then, you can see the floor color works together with a cabinet to make a natural touch. The countertops here really make up the luxury feeling with green color. After that, the metal hood just gives another live tone in the kitchen.

6. Black Cabinet Luxury Kitchen

Serene Hills, LTD.

When you enter this kitchen, you can notice that it has a black cabinet but not a dark tone. It is because the kitchen has white countertops and backsplash. Then, stainless steel appliances work together to make it bright as the center here is the billiard lamp that hangs correctly over the kitchen island.

7. Contemporary Luxury Galley Kitchen

SAGA Construction & Development

You can feel some industrial here because of the pendant lighting and black color used. On the other hand, it still has a bright side with marble countertops, stainless appliances, and white cabinets. Then, another good here is the backsplash that has a zigzag pattern with the combination of the black and white lines.

8. Modern Luxury Galley Kitchen

Architecture in Formation

The design of the kitchen is an up-to-date thing with white color and geometry kitchen design. It Seems minimalist but feels very expensive with marble countertops, flat panel cabinet, and stainless steel appliances for the example of luxury modern kitchen design. Then, the kitchen also has a peninsula that is important in the galley kitchen.

9. Full Cabinetry Wall Luxury Kitchen

Seven Custom Homes

This kitchen has a big wall that becomes interesting because of all dominated with cabinets till the upper part. With kitchen island and dark-look countertops make the kitchen feel unique and expensive. Then, the main point here is the billiard lighting that gives industrial touch.

10. Luxury Galley Kitchen Remodel

Fratantoni Interior Designers-Architecture-Remodel

Even it is a simple design, but this kitchen still makes it sophisticated. The color of the island and floor always make a line for the kitchen. Give another dark theme on the cabinets is not a bad idea. Then, to make it bright, use recessed lighting and under cabinets lighting for perfection.

L-Shaped Kitchen Design

The L-shaped kitchen is famous for the flexible design of the kitchen. Many cooks love to work in the L-shaped kitchen because they think it saves their movement. You can easily set the kitchen triangle, fridge, stove, and sink in the right arrangement. Then, it has a flexible layout that works in every size and style of the kitchen. It can be interesting because you will be confused with several great ideas of luxury l-shaped kitchen.

What can make an L-shaped kitchen look luxurious?

The L-shaped kitchen knows how to work best in the open floor design kitchen. With that opportunity, many things can make this layout having a luxury look. The clean, compatible area can start an expensive look. Then, it allows you to have more space for appliances, storage, or even cabinets. So. you can put brand-name appliances without feeling hesitation.

What color makes an L-shaped kitchen look luxurious?

The color used in the L-shaped kitchen will depend on the color scheme of the rest of the house. It is because mostly this layout used in the open floor concept area. So, being related to the neighbor room is an important note here.

Many colors will use here, and the size of the room also determines it. If the size is small, using light and bring color is the best. For the medium to large size, having a darker color will be fine. For most recommended, light and bright colors can be work in making a luxury touch in the kitchen.

Can an L-shaped kitchen combine with an island or eat-in kitchen style?

Having an island in the L-shaped kitchen is a great idea. You can use the island as the border with another room on the open concept floor. Then, putting some seatings can make the island more useful. You can use the island for a dining table or the chit-chat area while cooking.

L-Shaped Kitchen Luxury Design Ideas

It can conclude that an L-shaped kitchen can work perfectly in making a luxury kitchen. The flexibility in size and style will make your desire to have luxury l-shaped kitchen raising. From now below, you can see some ideas for you in making luxury dream kitchens.

1. Ocean Open Concept Kitchen

Cynthia Kriz Design

From the floor to the ceiling, all dominated with just like the ocean. This open concept kitchen provides the luxury from the floor until the marble countertops. The island and the cabinet limit the kitchen with other rooms. A sleek and reflective kitchen is the luxury thing here.

2. Contemporary Delhi Luxury Kitchen

JayMarc Homes

Having this L-shaped kitchen is impressive with wood tone flooring and brown colored kitchen. You can use the cabinets with the same tone and just give a strong wooden touch. Then, the island is not only as of the border area but also as the eating area with its seatings. for making it brighter, pendant lighting is a good idea and has a sophisticated design.

3. Black Modern L-shaped Kitchen

A Plus Cabinets, Inc.

In this big kitchen, you can use dark colors as the highlight that perfectly mixes with stainless appliances and marble countertops. Another excellent detail is the backsplash that has multi-colored. It works perfectly during the day with sunlight and night with recessed lighting.

4. Traditional L-shaped Luxury Kitchen

Jordan Valente Construction LLC

The classic tone in this kitchen is strong with the cabinets, pendant lighting, and wooden flooring and island. In contrast, the kitchen still has an expensive feel with the stainless appliances and stools on the island. Further, the backsplash looks attractive with the pattern and color.

5. Metro Luxury L-shaped Kitchen

Keiana Photography

This idea can be a great idea if you want an L-shaped layout but don’t have quite a big room. The floor, cabinet tone, and half island have a wood tone that makes it gorgeous. Further, to make it luxury, used brand-name appliances, marble countertops, soft seating, and excellent pendant lighting. Those items are shaping the way we see this change as expensive.

6. Coastal Open Concept L-shaped Kitchen

Joel Reis Architecture and Real Estate Photography

When you entered this kitchen, you can feel the bright and clean kitchen. The marble countertops and wood flooring work to make it warm. Then, clear glass cage pendant lighting and recessed light are suitable for the lighting sources. With the brick, tone backsplash is enough to mix traditional feeling.

7. Luxury Vaulted Ceiling L-shaped Kitchen

Ridgecrest Designs

This open concept kitchen is an exciting look and brings some amazement to the guests. It mostly dominated with white from the cabinets and kitchen island, tit mix perfect with a classic touch from the floor and brick backsplash. Then, the ceiling is delightful, with a vaulted layout, and has a side effect.

8. Simple White Luxury Kitchen

CMM Custom Homes

White is a neutral color that brings some effect included luxury. You can combine it with stainless appliances for modern touch but still perfectly mix with white cabinets and granite countertops. The interesting cabinet is here, which has a clear glass door for a traditional feeling.

9. Trendy Luxury Kitchen

Amandine Tosello

In this open concept kitchen, a glass wall is interesting for natural light and expensive feeling. Then, the color tone used here is simple but gives a significant gorgeous feeling. Further, the appliances used here are the current ones that suit the concept.

10. Family Luxury L-shaped Kitchen

Interiors by Popov

This kitchen is interesting with wooden domination and great seatings on the kitchen island. You can use the island as the place for a family gathering, or even have a break there. With this concept, your guest will amaze and think it is expensive to build.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design

U-shaped kitchen is a there-wall kitchen that provides much space for storage and working area. The most u-shaped kitchen will feature a kitchen island in the center. You can use this layout in every size of the room with the right design certainly. Then, in this layout, the working triangle can set up easily, depending on your needs.

What can make a U-shaped kitchen look luxurious?

Most people will agree if the U-shaped kitchen is the best idea for luxury design. With many spaces available, you can set the appliances in the right place by considering the size. Then, the wall can provide many storages and great preparation areas. Further, featuring an island in the center, the area of cooking will be happier.

What color makes a U-shaped kitchen look luxurious?

In a big area like a U-shaped design, you can make any color scheme there. If the kitchen has the fourth wall, so you can free to use any color as long as it in line with the theme. The suites of color and room size also crucial in this case. Furthermore, if you don’t have the fourth wall, you can determine the color scheme with neighboring room colors.

Can a U-shaped kitchen combine with an island or eat-in kitchen style?

An island in this layout is a great idea. You can use an island as a preparation area or border to the other room if you don’t have the fourth wall. To make it attractive, having seating on the island is our recommendation. You can use it for the kitchen area or even the neighboring area.

U-Shaped Kitchen Luxury Design Ideas

You will not feel regret with this layout because it shows you the luxury design. Several ideas below can cover your desire in the U-shaped kitchen. You might feel confused about choosing the concepts because it all great.

1. Classic Green U-shaped Luxury Kitchen

Lindsey Black Interiors

The luxury here comes from the color and material used in this kitchen. Green color can bring you back to a particular era but still reflecting a rich tone. Then, the wood touch in cabinets, seating, and flooring make the kitchen warm. Quartz countertops, pendant lighting, and stainless appliances are right in showing luxury tone.

2. Huge Transitional U-shaped Kitchen

Turan Designs, Inc.

When you have this huge kitchen, you can set your kitchen becomes an eating area. The island provides an opportunity to have an eating side in the kitchen with an expensive look of seating. The lighting here gives a bright side in the night with pendant and recessed. Don’t forget to use stainless appliances to make a sleek look alongside the white kitchen.

3. Luxury Wood U-shaped Kitchen

Liz Schupanitz Designs

In this medium size u-shaped kitchen, the classic tone is strong as the wooden material dominated. The luxury kitchen cabinets model shows the traditional with glasses door. Then, the two chandeliers add beauty here. You can add a flower centerpiece on the island since you use it as a dining table.

4. Luxury Farmhouse Kitchen

Chango & Co.

As this kitchen used a farmhouse style, you can paint the kitchen with dark colors like brown to settle with brown wood material. It is an exciting kitchen with several open windows that give natural light in the day. For the night, three pendant lightings over the island, and a garden lamp-looked each countertop will provide perfect lighting.

5. Silicon Valley U-shaped Kitchen

Design Theory Interiors of California, Inc

Even the color dominated black, but it still shows a sleek tone for the kitchen. It is because there is a combination with white color on the countertops and ceilings. An interesting wood flooring also installed here to keep up the style. You will feel comfortable when cooking here.

6. Mediterranean U-shaped Kitchen

Joseph Rodrigues Interiors

This kitchen is an example of a perfect combination of wood and stainless appliances. The wooden color on the cabinets surrounds the kitchen to warm it up. The luxury thing here is the appliances and quartz countertops. The classical theme is never disappointed you.

7. Modern White Luxury Kitchen

KB Studios

The floor used is ceramic that suit with the wall color. Then, don’t be afraid of using wood in the modern kitchen. As you see, the wooden island, seating, and shelf make it looked beautiful and expensive. Add flowers as the centerpiece is a great idea to refresh the kitchen.

8. 70’s Luxury U-shaped Kitchen

Designer’s Edge Kitchen & Bath

Old style kitchen is always gorgeous and expensive to use in the current year. It seems simple, but the appliances and pendant lighting lift the value of the kitchen. Then, the vaulted ceiling also interesting in this medium kitchen to make it look bigger.

9. White Open Space U-shaped Kitchen


With this kitchen idea, your guest will feel entertain and amaze. The domination combined with dark flooring is a great idea. The simple decoration and brand-name appliances will increase your kitchen value.

10. Flat Luxury Kitchen Design

Olympic Kitchens

If you have limited space, this idea will make your kitchen broaden and feel cozy. White flat-panel cabinets and marble countertop are enough to amaze the guest. Then, you can add some shelves on the wall to put books or picture for modern kitchen decor. This kitchen is great because it can show the same tone as the neighboring room.

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Those above are many great ideas and options for luxury kitchen design. Need to highlight is when you choose the layout, you must also decide all the style of the kitchen. So, it is crucial to search first the layout and style that suit your desire. Then, choosing the right appliances is the next step in building a luxury kitchen. Overall, the right design and layout have their foal point for your gorgeous kitchen.

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