9 Ways to Create a Livable Outdoor Dining Space The Summer

There’s nothing more evocative of summer than alfresco dining. Family parties, barbecues, and casual get-togethers define summer for most people. While most people associate outdoor dining with sidewalk cafes in major cities, you can recreate this experience right in your backyard this summer. After all, what would summer be without experimenting with new ideas? Discover some ways to create a livable outdoor dining space this summer.

Define Your Outdoor Dining Space

The first thing you should do to create a livable outdoor dining experience defines your space. Every home is different—while one homeowner might have a small city garden, another will have all the space they need in their country home.

Whatever your outdoor space looks like, start by defining where you want your dining experiences to take place. For instance, if you have an outdoor feature such as a fireplace, pergola, patio, or deck, this can easily become the dining spot for the family. The secret is to find the best outdoor spot with comfort in mind. Make sure your dining spot has a good view and strategic location for diners to enjoy a cool breeze.

Choose the Right Dining Set

Don’t let summer catch you unaware if you want to enjoy family time outdoors. The right dining experience brings your family together to create indelible memories. Start your plan for outdoor dining early by arranging a tailored dining set.

Think of the right outdoor furniture, from the chairs to the tables and any decoration. To get this right, consider your family members and the number of guests you might have over at your house. It would be best to consider the overall aesthetics, comfort, and practicability when you design the outdoor dining area.

Drive the Bugs Away 

One downside of outdoor dining in summer is, of course, the insects. They can drive you crazy. The last thing you want is for your guests to remember the bugs more than the barbecue. You can use natural solutions such as candles or herbs to keep insects away. There are also electrical lights or tools to keep the dining area insect-free.

Leverage Natural Shade

With comfort and functionality in mind, you can leverage any shade on your garden and transform this into the perfect dining spot. Natural shade is alluring on hot summer days. This is a pleasant area to create your dining nook with the right outdoor furniture. You can add accent lighting for ambiance for the evenings and add a touch of aesthetic to space.

Brighten up Things with Greenery

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a tree in their backyard around which to create an outdoor dining spot. However, you can still brighten up your outdoor space with greenery and plants and a touch of nature.

A garden bed or potted plants are great to start. But there are limitless ways to create livable outdoor dining space. Think of painted planters to add a touch of color. Home of Cozy has a wide range of dining tables to choose from that will suit your garden.

To add to the nature theme, use a posy of herbs or bring bouquets to the dining table. These spice up the look of your table and give soothing scents to the dining area.

Add a Weather-Resistant Rug

One of the easiest ways to define your outdoor dining space is to add a rug before you add the outdoor furniture. A weather-resistant rug gives a sense of permanency to your dining space. Most people throw off their shoes when outdoors in summer, and this rug protects feet and adds a touch of comfort. Anyone who steps into your backyard will make a beeline for the spot with the rug.

Use a Retractable Awning

When creating an outdoor dining area, comfort takes precedence. No one wants to dine under the scorching sun. You might not have natural shade, a gazebo, or other livable space, but you can create one easily with a retractable awning.

This is a simple idea to make a comfy space in any type of home. Under the awning, you can set outdoor furniture from couches to garden seats. It’s a cost-effective way to create livable outdoor dining space in any home.

Maximize the View

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with a vantage position, make sure you create an outdoor dining area with the view in mind. For instance, if your home faces a lake or you’re on a hill, maximize the view with the perfect location of your dining area. The position adds a touch of beauty to your dining experiences. Your family and guests will love spending time in this space.

Create Dining Space around the Pool

The easiest outdoor dining idea for most homeowners is around the pool. The pool is a prominent outdoor feature that enhances aesthetics and gives your space that calming effect. When thinking of an outdoor dining area, the pool is a classic location.

All you need is a table and some seats to create a magical dining area for your family this summer. To enhance the experience, add some nature-inspired outdoor lights or other effects to create an ambiance.

Were you looking forward to outdoor summer dining? These are just a few ideas to create a lovable outdoor dining space. Always create the space with your needs in mind, comfort, safety, and aesthetics.

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