Earth Day For Kids (Earth Day Activities, Project, and Books)

Earth Day For Kids. Every April 22, we celebrate our earth day. We celebrate it to show how much we love and care about the planet. Many people make projects, activities, or charity to help our earth become a better place. Some of us also talk and discuss how to limit pollution and how to save our animals and plants. Others try to make our earth become a green place by planting trees and making recycling stations. 

So, with global warming and humans always increasing; it makes pollution becomes dangerous. We must teach and invite our kids to carry our earth. With these activities, projects, and books about how to save the planet, it makes the kids know the importance of our world because they will be the person who feels and enjoys the earth in the future.

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Earth Day Activities for Kids:

Earth day activities for your kids will increase their care to the world. With these activities, your kids will know how to save the world on their aged and their hand. So, check these fun earth day activities for your beloved kids do with their hand.

1. Bottle Caps Tree

earth day activities for kids

This activity is beneficial for your student or your kids. First, you can give them a task to collect the bottle caps around the home or schools. Then, you can start the activity, and it can start with groups of students or kids. This activity will increase student creative and painting skills. Also, we can put the creations of the student in the classroom or on their bedroom wall.

2. Bottle Caps Frame

earth day video for kids

This unique activity is a little bit hard for kids. But we can start this activity with their parents too. This activity uses some materials like frame, glue gun, and also the bottle caps. Our children can develop their creativity in making that frame. So, our kids will think the garbage on around us will be useful if we know how to recycle it.

3. Bottle Caps Clock

earth day crafts for kids

Another activity for our kids is making some things; they can see it every day. Also, it will make our kids proud of making it. This activity will be the perfect thing to do. Then, they can make it with their friend or with their parents.

4. Recycle Paper

earth day projects for kids

Paper is always an important thing to study. It makes us use a lot of papers on daily study activity. Paper is made from a tree; that paper will harm our earth. Because of that, we must try to recycle the paper. With this activity, our kids will know the importance of recycling the paper. Recycle our paper, will save thousands of trees, save trees will save our beloved world.

5. Recolor Earth

earth day facts for kids

How to make our kids know the colour of our earth? Try to start this activity; with this activity, we teach our kids the earth colour. Our planet is blue and green; green is our tree/plants and blue is sea/water. So, it will make our kids try to pretend our earth to be colour like that with taking care of our planet.

Earth Day Crafts for Kids:

Crafting is a unique skill in our body. Crafting can be the best way to teach our kids about our earth. Craft is a delightful and fun activity. It can be made in class, home, or in the playground. So, with these crafts ideas for our kids to make them love our earth.

1. Flower of Earth

earth day books for kids

Try to make this flower earth with your kids. Materials to make this creation are simple, just cartoon, paper, straw, and crayon. Try to use recycled materials that will help our earth too. After you finish the creation, your kids can put it on their home wall.

2. I Love Earth

earth day songs for kids

Crafting is not always hard to make. You can use this simple crafting idea. Kids will easily make it, and they can get help from the teacher or parents. The materials are easy to find, use paper, cartoons, and marker. You can use other materials to improve it, to make it more beautiful and lovely to see.

3. Smile Earth

earth day games for kids

Try to make your earth life like us, smile like us, and feel like us. Maybe this crafting idea can be the perfect work to do. Your kids will know the earth must always smile. With no pollution and garbage around it. Also the green and blue color always be the dominant color of it. Put eyes and a big smile on it, make our children know the importance of our earth.

4. Recycle Paper Plates

time for kids earth day

Another simple crafting you can make with your kids is make a recycle paper plate. The materials must be used to recycle paper plates and leftover paint. Kids can display it as a curtain or window decor, and also can be used as kitchen wall decor.

5. Bottle Caps Flower

what is earth day for kids

This craft work is suitable for our girls because they like flowers so much. With this recycle bottle caps they can make a beautiful flower. Combining the color of bottle caps adds more beauties for those flowers. 

Earth day project for kids

Project to take care of our planet became the best place for all time. We can start with our-self and from our kids. Project is the same as activity or craft for kids. But, in a project, we can focus on what they can give to the earth. Not only recycle the garbage or trash, but they can provide the trees or somethings can make our planet better. Let’s see some projects for kids to make our world more green and fresh.

1. Character Plants

earth day poem for kids

Planting will the best project for kids to make them know, trees is an essential thing for our planet. We can start with the simple things; first, we can begin to teach our kids to plants. To make them easy to take care of the plants, we can ask them to give the eyes, nose, and mouth.

2. Photo of Plants

earth day ideas for kids

Another trick you can use to teach our kids about earth day is asking them to plants useful plants. With these plants, they can harvest it, but they must take care of it first. In this point we teach them, to take care with love first before we enjoy it.

3. Eggs of Plants

earth day quotes for kids

With this project, we teach our kids to plants also recycle trash. Plants in an eggshell are one of the tricks. Eggshell can be the container to plants; moreover, it can be composted for it. So, you can teach our kids, which is part of the garbage can use as compost or organic trash.

4. Colorful Flowers

facts about earth day for kids

This project will make our environment bright and beautiful. Plant much of flower in a used can. To make it lovely to see, you can paint the can. Our kids will love that because they can see the project. Also, it will give positiveness to other people. 

5. Rabbit Flower

earth day worksheets for kids

Used can is a beautiful container to plants. Like this project, plants flower for decor our desk. Ask your kids to make it, and it will make them enjoy to make it because you will use it to decor your work desk. You can accompany the kids to make it.

Earth day book for kids

You can teach your kids to take care of our earth with books too. Kids are like to learn on their age, also reading will become the best things they want to do. Moreover, the books have a picture to illustrate it. So, this part I will share you the best book for your kids to teach how to take care of our earth and environment.

1. Celebrate Earth Day, by Amy Hayes.

history of earth day for kids
by Amy Hayes

You kids didn’t like to read a book. Try to give them this book, and this book is super simple. This book is an engaging nonfiction book about Earth Day. It’s perfect for toddler and young preschoolers, and also for early readers too.

2. 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World, by Melanie Walsh. 

earth day song for kids
by Melanie Walsh

Sometimes it is hard to teach our kids to know about our earth, but with this book will help to solve it. Some challenging to teach them how to practical ways to care about the earth. Sure, we can teach them to pick up roadside garbage, plant trees, and recycle things. But, they can do by themselves? It will be hard for them. So, this book will give the perfect answer, how the kids can take care of our earth by their skills and own power.

3. Where Does the Garbage Go?, by Paul Showers. 

earth day research for kids
by Paul Showers

This book is one of the nonfiction for young kids. It is appropriate for preschooler kids. Paul Showers book teaches how to change the garbage becomes things you can use in your life. This book will make your kids know the importance of recycling the trash.

4. The Berenstain Bears Go Green, by Jan & Mike Berenstain. 

earth day articles for kids
by Jan & Mike Berenstain

“The Berenstain Bears Go Green” one of the books which teach simple tips to take care of our earth. In this book concerned the citizens for a massive cleanup or major cleanup for the town. Some moms avoid this book because it is too wordy for kids. But, this book will make your kids can learn simple strategies to save our earth in future.

5. Fancy Nancy Earth Day is Every Day, by Jane O’Connor. 

earth day story for kids
by Jane O’Connor

Book’s of Jane O’Connor is one of the recommended books for your kids. In this book will teach your kids to balance the care of the environment. Because not everything must care about our environment, sometimes we need to sort it first before starting to care for the environment or our earth.


The world has become old; also, humans are growing more and more in years. So, we must take our earth by our self, and we must start it from our person. Because of that, we must teach our kids to take care of our planet. Our kids must know the importance of our planet. Also, they will be the next person who enjoys the earth in the future. Fresh or barren the world is based on their hand these days.

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