Creative Solutions: Where to Put a TV with No Wall Space

Where to put a tv with no wall space. Do you have a small room or limited wall space and need to know where to put your TV? Not to worry! This article will provide creative solutions for TV placement without wall mounts.

Living in a small room or an apartment can feel cramped, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on TV placement. With a little imagination, you can find alternative ways to showcase your TV without wall space.

So, where do you put a TV with no wall space? In the next sections, we’ll explore ideas for unconventional TV placement that maximizes functionality and seamlessly integrates into your living space. From utilizing furniture as TV stands to creating cozy TV nooks and mobile TV walls, many options exist.

Keep reading to discover how to make the most out of your space and develop innovative TV placement solutions that fit your specific needs and lifestyle!

TV Placement Ideas for Small Rooms

TV Placement Ideas for Small Rooms

When it comes to small rooms, finding suitable TV placement can be a challenge. However, you can maximize your limited space and create a functional and stylish TV setup with some creativity. Here are some unconventional TV placement ideas for small rooms:

1. Mount it on a Bookshelf

If you have a bookshelf or a console unit under your TV, consider mounting it on this piece of furniture. This will allow you to save wall space and create a unique focal point in your room. Additionally, it can create a cozy and clutter-free atmosphere in your small living area.

2. Use a Room Divider as a TV Stand

Consider using a room divider as a TV stand if you need to divide a small room. This can create a clear boundary between different areas of your living space while allowing you to have a designated spot for your TV. Additionally, you can choose a room divider that complements your decor and adds visual interest to your room.

3. Hang it in a Corner

Consider mounting your TV there if you have an unused corner in your room. This will allow you to save valuable floor space while also giving you a unique TV placement option. You can also angle your furniture to face the corner, creating a cozy and intimate seating area.

4. Mount it on the Ceiling

Consider mounting your TV on the ceiling if you have high ceilings in your small room. This can create a wow factor in your room while saving valuable floor and wall space. Additionally, you can use a mount that allows you to adjust the angle of your TV, ensuring optimal viewing from different parts of the room.

5. Place it on a Mobile TV Stand

Mobile TV stands can be a great solution for small rooms requiring flexibility in TV placement. They can be easily moved to different room parts and serve as storage space for your media devices and accessories. They come in different sizes and styles, allowing you to choose one that complements your decor.

Remember to think outside the box regarding TV placement in small rooms. With some creativity, you can create a unique and functional TV setup that maximizes your limited space.

Utilizing Furniture for TV Placement

where to put a tv with no wall space

Furniture can be an excellent alternative if you want to avoid mounting your TV on the wall. Not only can it be practical, but it can also add a stylish accent to your room. Here are some TV placement ideas utilizing furniture:

TV Stands

TV stands are the most popular piece of furniture to display your TV. They come in various sizes, designs, and materials to complement your decor and budget. Some stands have built-in storage drawers or shelves for your media devices and accessories. Make sure to choose a stand that can support the weight and size of your TV.

Bookcases and Shelving Units

Bookcases and shelving units can double as TV stands and provide extra storage space for your books, decorative objects, and media devices. You can place your TV on a shelf or use a mount to attach it to the wall above the unit. You can also create a gallery wall or a decorative display around your TV to enhance the visual appeal.

Credenzas and Buffets

Credenzas and buffets are sleek and practical options for your TV placement. They can serve as a storage solution for your dining room or living room while providing ample space for your TV. You can choose a piece with doors to hide your media devices or display them on open shelves.

Dressers and Chests of Drawers

Dressers and chests of drawers can be an unconventional yet functional way to display your TV. You can place your TV on top of the piece or use a mount to attach it to the wall above the dresser. You can also use the drawers to store your media devices and accessories.

As you can see, furniture can offer a wide range of TV placement options beyond traditional wall mounts. Consider your room layout, style, and storage needs when selecting the best furniture piece for your TV. With these TV placement ideas, you can create a functional and cohesive space without sacrificing style.

Creating a TV Nook

If you have extra space, consider creating a TV nook. A dedicated nook can be an excellent way to showcase your TV and integrate it seamlessly into your living area. Here are some tips for designing and setting up a cozy TV nook:

  • Choose a space not used for other purposes, such as a corner or a small alcove.
  • Ensure the space is large enough to accommodate your TV and any additional equipment, such as a soundbar or streaming device.
  • Add shelving or cabinets to store media essentials, such as DVDs or gaming consoles.
  • Use lighting to create a cozy ambiance and make the nook feel inviting.
  • Arrange seating comfortably and functionally, ensuring it is oriented towards the TV.

A TV nook can add functionality and style to your living area. By incorporating some creative touches, you can create a cozy space perfect for movie nights or relaxing after a long day.

Floor Stands and TV Carts

Don’t want to damage your walls, or don’t have any available wall space for your TV? Consider using a floor stand or TV cart for a flexible and movable placement option.

With a floor stand or TV cart, you can easily move your TV around as needed, whether that’s to create more space in the room or to adjust the viewing angle for different activities. Many floor stands and TV carts also provide additional storage space for your media devices or decorative items.

Benefits of Floor Stands and TV Carts

  • Flexibility in placement and movement
  • Minimal installation required
  • Additional storage space
  • Stylish and modern designs

Choosing the Right Floor Stand or TV Cart

When selecting a floor stand or TV cart, consider the size and weight of your TV and the design and functionality of the stand or cart. Look for features such as adjustable height, cable management, and locking wheels for easy and secure movement. Additionally, consider your room’s overall style and color scheme to finding a floor stand or TV cart that complements your existing decor.

Ceiling TV Mounts

Consider a ceiling TV mount if you’re looking for a unique way to mount your TV without using your wall. Ceiling mounts provide a space-saving solution that will add a modern touch to your living space.

With a ceiling TV mount, you’ll have a clear view of your screen from any angle. This can be especially useful if you have an open floor plan or want to incorporate your TV into a larger entertainment area.

When choosing a ceiling TV mount, it’s important to consider the weight and size of your TV. Ensure the mount is compatible with your TV model and rated for the appropriate weight capacity. A professional should do installation of a ceiling TV mount for safety reasons.

Advantages of Ceiling TV Mounts

  • Space-saving solution
  • It provides a clear view from any angle in the room
  • Makes a modern statement in your living space

Installation and Placement

Installation of a ceiling TV mount involves affixing a bracket to the ceiling and attaching another bracket to the back of the TV. The two brackets are then connected with a pole or adjustable arm, allowing you to adjust the height and angle of your TV easily.

When deciding where to mount your TV, consider your room’s layout and the ceiling’s height. The TV should be mounted comfortably for viewing but not so low that it obstructs foot traffic or other activities in your living space. Consider angling the TV slightly downward for optimal viewing.

With a ceiling TV mount, you can enjoy the benefits of a wall-mounted TV without drilling into your walls. It’s a great option for anyone living in an apartment or rental property, as it won’t damage the walls and can easily be removed when you move out.

Corner TV Placement

If you’re looking for unconventional TV placement ideas, consider utilizing the corners of your room. Corner spaces often need to be used, but they can be a great spot for your TV.

When it comes to positioning your TV in a corner, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Angle: Position the TV at a comfortable viewing angle. You should be able to see the screen without turning your head too much.
  2. Height: Make sure the TV is at an appropriate height for the seating arrangement in the room. You don’t want to strain your neck while watching TV.
  3. Cables: Properly conceal cables to avoid unsightly wires hanging from the TV.

Here are some creative TV placement ideas for corners:

Decorative Corner Shelves

If you have decorative corner shelves, consider placing your TV on one of the shelves. This creates a unique TV placement option and integrates the TV into your existing decor.

Offers a decorative and functional TV placement optionMay limit the size of the TV you can use
Integrates the TV into your existing decorMay require additional drilling or mounting hardware

Corner TV Stands

A corner TV stand is a great option to keep the TV low to the ground. These stands come in various sizes and styles to fit your space and decor.

Keeps the TV low to the groundMay limit the size of the TV you can use
Comes in a variety of sizes and stylesMay take up more floor space than other options

Wall-Mounted Corner Shelf

A wall-mounted corner shelf is a space-saving option for TV placement. This option allows you to position the TV at a comfortable height while also utilizing the corner space.

Space-saving optionThe TV may be higher up, causing neck strain
Allows you to position the TV at a comfortable heightMay require additional drilling or mounting hardware

By thinking creatively and utilizing the corners of your room, you can find unique and functional TV placement ideas that work for your space.

Over-the-Door TV Mounts: Alternate TV Placement Ideas that Don’t Damage Walls

Over-the-Door TV Mounts: Alternate TV Placement Ideas that Don't Damage Walls

If you live in a rental or don’t want to drill holes in your walls, an over-the-door TV mount might be the perfect solution. These mounts are easy to install and can be removed without leaving any permanent damage.

To use an over-the-door TV mount, attach it to the top of the door frame and adjust the height to your liking. These mounts are typically adjustable to find the perfect viewing angle for your TV.

When selecting an over-the-door TV mount, choose one compatible with your door and TV size. Most mounts are designed to support TVs up to a certain size and weight, so check the specifications before purchasing.

Tip: If you have a small TV and a sturdy door, you can use an over-the-door shoe organizer to create an impromptu TV stand!

When using an over-the-door TV mount, be aware that it may not be as secure as a traditional wall mount. Avoid slamming the door or putting pressure on the mount, as this could cause the TV to fall and potentially damage your TV or door.

Overall, an over-the-door TV mount is a simple, affordable solution for TV placement without damaging your walls. It is ideal for renters or those who frequently move their TVs from room to room and adds a unique touch to your living space.

Mobile TV Walls

If you want a non-permanent TV placement solution that doesn’t require drilling, a mobile TV wall may be the perfect option. These versatile structures can be moved around your space, providing the ultimate flexibility for your TV placement needs.

Mobile TV walls come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, so you should consider your room’s layout and design before selecting one. Some mobile TV walls also have built-in storage, which can be useful in small spaces.

Types of Mobile TV Walls

There are several different types of mobile TV walls available, each with its unique features and benefits:

Free-standing TV mountsThese mounts are designed to hold your TV directly and can be moved around on wheels. They are typically wider and heavier than other types of mobile TV walls.
Modular TV wallsThese walls consist of multiple pieces that can be arranged in different configurations to fit your space. They are often made of light materials, making them easy to move.
TV stands with mountThese stands have a built-in TV mount, which allows you to move the entire setup around your room. They are often smaller in size and can be tucked away when not in use.

Customizing Your Mobile TV Wall

To make your mobile TV wall fit seamlessly into your space, you can customize it with various materials and finishes. Some mobile TV walls come with interchangeable panels, allowing you to switch up the look of your setup as often as you’d like.

Pro tip: To create a cohesive look in your room, consider matching your mobile TV wall to your existing furniture or decor.

Overall, a mobile TV wall allows you to position your TV wherever you want without any permanent installation. Its flexibility and customizable options make it an unconventional yet practical solution for TV placement without a wall mount.


Living in an apartment or small room doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your TV. With limited wall space, thinking outside the box regarding TV placement is important. By considering the layout of your room, the size of your TV, and your style, you can find creative solutions that work for you.

From utilizing furniture to creating a TV nook, many options are available. Floor stands and TV carts offer flexibility, while ceiling and over-the-door mounts are ideal for those who don’t want to damage their walls. Mobile TV walls and corner placements can also provide unique TV placement solutions.

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