30+ Cabin Kitchen Ideas (2023 Design)

Cabin kitchen ideas. The kitchen is a standard location in modern households. Families spend most of their time in that space, eating, doing their morning meal, and having lunch. Therefore, when selecting a kitchen style, it pays to pick the ideal layout. There are many kitchen design layouts; one of the finest kitchen designs to add to your kitchen is a cabin kitchen style.

What is the cabin kitchen style? The cabin kitchen has a wooden interior and exterior balance reflecting American soil standards. The cabin kitchen style explains rustic warmth and creates an inviting ambiance in your neighborhood kitchen, particularly in your kitchen.

This cabin kitchen can create a larger, smaller, modern kitchen to carry the classic Country On style. The mixture of travertine, stone, and wood is the foundational element of this kitchen design. It is supposed to give a serene effect in the cooking area. Furthermore, cabin kitchens are usually neutral-toned, utilize natural materials, and place a lot of seating.

Modern Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Log cabin kitchens are a popular type of cabin kitchen that contains kitchen designs made from natural wood log material as the primary source of its style. Mixing the contemporary and natural view of the log cabin kitchen with natural log materials makes this particular kitchen design pleasing to incorporate. The suggestions of a modern log cabin kitchen log will help you decorate your kitchen. Or it could be the referral idea for remodeling your kitchen.

1. Open Concept Log Kitchen

Open Concept Log Kitchen

Alair Homes Clemson

Modern cabin wood stoves like these are snug and spacious. The open-concept kitchen layout and the rustic design give this interior a look. No gas is used to create this kitchen layout so that it can breathe invigorating new air. This log cabin kitchen model is convenient for individuals who have a big kitchen area and unlimited money to spend.

2. Dark Wood Log Cabin Kitchen

Dark Wood Log Cabin Kitchen

Fazendin Brothers

If you’d like to emulate the forest and mountain vibe of your home so that you can cook in a cabin kitchen design, using materials in that style is ideal. Because the style makes you will not find unnaturally shiny appliances that possess stainless steel, it’ll look as if you’ve become cooking your home in the space. This kitchen design method is unique because all appliances are deliberately created in kitchen designs. It will make your kitchen the main focus of eyes between other areas of your home.

3. Natural Wood Material of Log Kitchen 

Natural Wood Material of Log Kitchen 

Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes

The rustic design of this kitchen cabin provides the main focus. The kitchen wood’s seasoning and finish make it resemble this kitchen. Yet, on the other hand, the appliances and furniture in this cabin kitchen are the newest. That’s why this cabin kitchen is one of the modern kitchens. Also, the countertop’s finish makes this kitchen look glamorous and expensive. Remember the range hood, which brings a nice view of this kitchen.

4. Large L-shaped Log Cabin Kitchen

Large L-shaped Log Cabin Kitchen

Streamline Design Ltd

This log cabin kitchen’s gigantic modern style will amaze your eyesight. Due to the dimensions of this big kitchen, the decoration and finishing of the log cabin kitchen are exceptional. The rustic and expensive style literally shines through when we look at the kitchen. Then, the material and appliances in this kitchen are using the finest and top-grade. You can choose this design for your home kitchen if you have a limitless budget. The eat-in kitchen concept makes it warm for a friend and family get-togethers in this kitchen.

5. Contemporary Modern Log Cabin Kitchen

Contemporary Modern Log Cabin Kitchen

Cornerstone Architects

A contemporary kitchen design with black-and-white flat colors is the main design of this kitchen. The elegant and simple design of this cabin kitchen makes this look modern. Then, the modern feel of this novel kitchen is derived from furniture and appliances. In addition, this stunning express cabin room on the ceiling offers a brand new view of this kitchen. It takes the essential feature of a kitchen to make the room look fresh and modern.

6. Modern Mountain Cabin Kitchen Style

Modern Mountain Cabin Kitchen Style

Rockridge Building Company

This kitchen style can be a welcome addition to contemporary city house kitchens. The good look of the kitchen cabin and the ceiling logs will bring a rustic mountain look to the heart of your kitchen. The cabin’s finishing is exquisite, making people immediately give in to perspective. In addition, the cabins used in this particular kitchen style blend seamlessly with the kitchen style. In addition, the appliances and the countertops are the best choices for the kitchen. This kitchen appears classy and rich thanks to the various activities it entails.

7. Humble Log Cabin Kitchen

Humble Log Cabin Kitchen

Oakbridge Timberframing

This log cabin kitchen looks traditional and is much less modern, considering its layout, style, and color scheme are classic and modest. Around the time, the blend of wooden materials looks elementary and not out of this world. Still, the finest home appliances and utensils make this kitchen one of the more modern ones. The stainless steel material and the marble tabletop make this kitchen in the modern category.

8. One-Line Cabin Kitchen

One-Line Cabin Kitchen

Blue River Cabinets

One wall in your kitchen-side wall is the design of this kitchen. It makes the kitchenette within this kitchen only requires a smaller distance. Then there is a roomy and cozy feel to the kitchen. The eat-in island kitchen’s comfort layout contributes to comfort and coziness. Also, this kitchen’s materials, appliances, and counters are the most recent and modern.

9. Fresh Log Cabin Kitchen Design

Fresh Log Cabin Kitchen Design

JP Floors LLC

The kitchen uses the concept of a cleaner and more elegant form. The color and material of logwood contribute to those expectations. The L-shaped kitchen and the kitchen island layout enhance the general appearance of this room. Afterward, the style and essence of appliances also play their part in helping to achieve that atmosphere.

Small Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Every kitchen equipped with a confined space creates anxiety for many people, but not every kitchen has a small space. Picking an ideal kitchen design, for instance, the kitchen cabin layout, for the little kitchen can be advantageous. Providing a great new environment to your kitchen and choosing the ideal furniture and appliances will also support those feelings. Below are the best small cabin kitchen ideas; it can be perfect to copy to your kitchen.

1. Simple U-shaped Cabin Kitchen

Simple U-shaped Cabin Kitchen

Viking Log Furniture

The design of this cabin kitchen is simple. But this kitchen design has several unique features, like the spiral stool in the eat-in kitchen style. Then, the U-shaped countertop uses a solid black color, making this kitchen look elegant and modern. With this design, the limited space will cease to exist.

2. Black L-shaped Cabin Kitchen

Black L-shaped Cabin Kitchen

G Squared Design

Using dark colors as the primary color in your kitchen can be tricky. A simple kitchen like this can sometimes make it look dreary and cramped. But, in the L-shaped kitchen, the majority of black colors on the cabinets and appliances help ensure that this kitchen looks fashionable and lavish. Also, the L-shaped kitchen layout will help the small appear in size since it only uses the side of the kitchen.

3. Open Concept Kitchen

Open Concept Kitchen

Shrock Premier Custom Construction

Having a freely open cabin next to one’s dining room is advantageous. It can be an open-concept cabin for the purpose of making the family members and friends much more comfy and welcoming. Also, it will be simple for the entire family and friends to access. The primary purpose of the open kitchen cabin is to create a fresh experience. Also, the material of the kitchen cabin is perfect.

4. Medium Tone Color Cabin Kitchen

Medium Tone Color Cabin Kitchen

Kelly Hadley Designs, LLC

One of the best things you can do is utilize an L-shaped kitchen style to maximize your space. This way, you take full advantage of your little room and can easily combine it with an island. This kitchen cabin utilizes these kinds of features, it makes the space cozier, and the tone and shade of the wood are perfectly blended.

5. Open Window Design

Open Window Design

Precision Homes

This kitchen area plan to use the ideal natural light from the ceiling and windows, bringing fresh and natural gentle to make the kitchen look bigger. Also, the stainless steel appliances complement the lighting to carry it to the complete kitchen. This design makes its wood material seem livelier.

6. Compact Cabin Kitchen 

Compact Cabin Kitchen 

Judd Builders

Using a bright yellow knot of wood on this kitchen ceiling gives it a bright color. A brilliant reflection from the natural light outside and the one on this kitchen’s inside walls give the kitchen a relaxed and cozy feeling. The compact space seemed different because of the shade. The color of the appliances didn’t disturb the natural lighting, as their position was acceptable. The shiny beige countertops add to the mood.

7. Simple Cabin Kitchen Design

Simple Cabin Kitchen Design

Bender Lumber Columbus, IN

With a limited budget, you must create a kitchen in a small space. Using this design may be the solution. The natural wood material in the cabinets and ceiling makes this kitchen as pleasant as the cabin kitchen. You can add more lights to brighten and allow natural light to enter easily and quickly.

8. Dark Wood Cabin Kitchen

Dark Wood Cabin Kitchen

Uhler and Company

Using dark wood as your cabin kitchen’s focus is a great idea. This kitchen design allows you to practice using dark wood. But it would be best if you used it with light colors to create a bright and fresh look in your kitchen. Then, put a big window to allow natural light to stream into your cabin, brightening your design.

Modern Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Natural wood is the greatest part of the cabin kitchen style. But, you can construct a modern kitchen layout with modern design and the most recent furnishings and appliances. Such a cabin kitchen design will make your kitchen look modern. The kitchen tips below allow you to select the perfect layout or design for a modern kitchen layout.

1. Super Sleek Cabin Kitchen

Super Sleek Cabin Kitchen

B.C.D. Interiors

This cabin kitchen design looks beautiful, with cutting-edge contact between the countertop and appliances. And all of the home appliances are made from stainless-steel plastic to look elegant and eye-catching. Then, the kitchen island concept is lovely, with the compact refrigerator beneath it. This design is a superb strategy for your kitchen.

2. Flash of Natural Light

Flash of Natural Light

Barbra Bright Design

The design of my kitchen helps let in natural light as much as possible. The kitchen, therefore, seems fresh, and the style of the window opens up a new atmosphere in the space. Furthermore, many luxuries are present in the kitchen, such as utensils, stools, and appliances.

3. Open Concept Cabin Kitchen

Open Concept Cabin Kitchen

Whitten Architects

This model received a lot of popularity in the contemporary kitchen scene since it had beautiful colors. It is because people were trying to compose a modern cabin kitchen using natural light and natural color. Material choices are also thought into this design to help enhance the visual appeal of appliances.

4. BlueStone Backsplash Kitchen

BlueStone Backsplash Kitchen

Mountain Log Homes of CO, Inc.

The cabin appears beautiful with the stunning kitchen backsplash and elegant countertops. The kitchen tile is beautified through a stand-out backsplash, bringing focus to the space. Combine with the wood construction.

5. An Elegant Cabin Kitchen 

An Elegant Cabin Kitchen 

PureHaven Homes

The sleek sophistication of the kitchen’s contemporary design matches this period well. It’s beautiful to see an open-concept kitchen and an eating-in kitchen function together in this way. Do not forget about the countertops, and this countertop aids in making the kitchen look swell.

6. Stunning Blue Color Kitchen

Stunning Blue Color Kitchen
Angela Todd Studios | Portland, OR

The kitchen’s natural feeling may come from the materials, colors, and appliances we selected. This kitchen is distinctive in that we try to integrate all these things. It makes sense that nature shows up in this kitchen because the blue color, the countertops’ moss design, and the cabinets’ wooden structure are all present.

7. Prime Cabin Kitchen 

Prime Cabin Kitchen 

Huntwood Custom Cabinets

Going into this cabin kitchen will inspire you to spend additional time there. Acquiring this type of magazine-style cabin kitchen can be difficult, but it is possible, and you should pull out your wallet to do it.

8. High Ceiling Kitchen Design

High Ceiling Kitchen Design

Sun Forest Construction

A significant amount of space and a huge kitchen space can affect your state of mind while in the kitchen. This kitchen layout follows a tall ceiling and utilizes wood in nearly every facet. This kitchen design sets an excellent example regarding trying the natural atmosphere in your kitchen and dining room.

9. Surprising Kitchen Ceiling and Floor

Surprising Kitchen Ceiling and Floor

Old Montana Building Company

The kitchen ceiling and floor share the same theme. This design creates the cool look of the kitchen above. Next, the open U-shaped design of the kitchen follows that. Furthermore, the style of the appliances, as well as the materials, are also fundamental.

Rustic Cabin Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen is typically made with logwood or natural wood in the cabin kitchen style. These wood materials make a cabin kitchen style resemble a rustic cabin kitchen. In the following section, we will share ideas for making your cabin kitchen style seem like a rustic cabin kitchen.

1. Galley Kitchen Design

Galley Kitchen Design

Inspired Interiors

The galley model of this rustic cabin kitchen makes the kitchen seem larger since a big island takes up a lot of room. The key focus of this kitchen is the all-wood material used to build it. How rustic it makes you feel it is an effect.

2. Traditional Rustic Kitchen

Traditional Rustic Kitchen

Attic Treasures

The rustic kitchen utilizes the typical design and style but with a touch of logwood, cultural stone backsplash, and granite countertops. This kitchen feels natural and romantic while cooking. Moreover, it makes this room different from that which it’s next to.

3. Old Wood Kitchen Ceiling

Old Wood Kitchen Ceiling

Phinney Design Group

The kitchen in this rustic cabin focuses on the ceiling and floor design. This kitchen, therefore, has a very old-fashioned look. Then the kitchen’s island design further complements this cabin kitchen’s retro style by using the cabinets’ farmhouse style and warm, earth colors.

4. Stone and Wood Combination

Stone and Wood Combination

Wolstenholme Associates, LLC

Stone and wooden materials are the main features of the rugged cabin kitchen. It has a big vocal point as we discussed this kitchen design plan. Kitchen gadgets and furniture give the kitchen a rustic and traditional appearance.

5. Exposed Beam Rustic Kitchen

Exposed Beam Rustic Kitchen

Wendy Zolezzi Design

The wood material in this kitchen is ideal, and hence it makes this space seem like a rustic cabin kitchen. The beam wood ceiling also contributes to its rustic look. In addition, the brick stone backsplash emphasizes the kitchen’s rustic look.

6. Modern Rustic Cabin Kitchen

Modern Rustic Cabin Kitchen

Musser Home Builders, Inc.

Combining fashionable and traditional designs is possible in one kitchen. This cabin kitchen design tried to accomplish this with a modern kitchen and country-style cabinets. The contemporary touch on the cabinets and appliances is followed closely by the rustic features in the shape of the beamed ceiling and island with an eat-in kitchen area.

7. Old Fashioned Cabin Kitchen

Old Fashioned Cabin Kitchen

Ellis Custom Homes LLC

Another way to change the design of your kitchen cabin is to use this layout. You can opt to use the conventional or old-fashioned style for kitchen cabinetry and all the kitchen fittings.

8. Gray Kitchen Style

Gray Kitchen Style

Shane Collins Construction, Inc

This gray cabinet design is due to the natural color of the wood. Also, almost all the island, cabinets, and backsplash are gray, so the kitchen appears clean and organized.


When looking for kitchen design ideas for the cabin of your house, be mindful of certain things to keep in mind for the cabinets and the backsplash. Additionally, it helps pick the appliances and furniture to be used, preferably made of wood. Also, wood is most important, so don’t be afraid to check out the finest kitchen design for your cabin.

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