30+ Convenient Basement Bathroom Ideas and Design 2022

Basement Bathroom Ideas. If you have a basement in your house, you are a lucky person. The basement can create an additional room. You can make it as a playing room, working room, or even a bedroom with a bathroom there. The bathroom is a crucial part of the basement room because it can ease you in some cases.

It will be wasteful if you go only with a plain basement bathroom. Some designs and styles are available for your bathroom. You can go with a modern, minimalist, rustic, or even industrial style. Further, you can add more beautiful things that can increase your creativity in doing decor. However, to create an excellent basement bathroom needs a good plan because you work underground in your house and need special treatment for it.

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Is it worth putting a bathroom in the basement?

Before you add the bathroom to your basement, there are some things to make sure as you want to make it worth enough. The design of the bathroom in the basement comes first. It will decide your bathroom position based on electricity and plumbing. Then, the drainage system follows a critical thing. Overall, having a bathroom in the basement is worth it and can make your life easy. The value of the property will rise. Then, if you make your basement as a guest room, it will be efficient not to climb up when something nature is calling.

Pros and cons of basement bathroom

The bathroom in the basement can be your exciting project. It will bring some good coming, but on the other hand, it is not an easy task to do. You may need a professional to work with, or it will not work properly. So, what makes good and bad in having a basement bathroom?

Pros of basement bathroom:

  • Highly increase in value. When you add something in the house, it will improve in value as the basement bathroom does. The level of the increase could depend on the quality of your basement bathroom.
  • An excellent extra space. If you set the basement for kids playing or for the guest bedroom, it will make them feel comfortable. Your kids will not need to take stairs as they enjoy playing. And then, your guests will feel you serve them the best.
  • Possible income for yours. You can get the extra income with the basement. After you finish the basement renovation, you can rent it to others. It is good for recovering your money for the improvement.

Cons of the basement bathroom:

  • Construction cost and effect. You can deny that putting the basement bathroom will take time and money. You seem to break and rebuild the wall, floor, and add a new fixture to complete the renovation. Then, you also need to pay for material and workers as it is not an easy job. Another effect is you will feel that the process will make some noise.
  • Possible damage even if it has been done. Your renovation will not be fine if the installation is done poorly. You must take care of this issue to avoid spending other money.

Basement Bathroom Ideas Pictures

There are some ideas that you can use for a basement bathroom. You can choose whether to use the complete bathroom with shower or half bathroom, which only has a toilet and sink. Then, to make it pretty, you can also add some decorative items yet still functional. Let’s see some ideas here from the color to the function.

Trendy Gray Tile Basement Bathroom

small basement bathroom ideas
Builtworks Inc.

In this small room, you can find a complete basement bathroom. With the mid-sized gray tile, it shows you a trend and modernity. Then, shower with transparent glass adds a good touch in the private room. The white cabinet and quartz countertops are the right choices of the sink installation.

Spa Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom ideas on a budget
Just Basements

Feel the warmest from the bold color and lighting fixture here. The dark flooring and wall in the shower give you a refreshed feeling. What is special here is the shower panel in the unique form. And the sink side with color put the complete fixture in the bathroom.

Traditional Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom layout ideas
Classic Homeworks

Not only the kitchen or living room that has a traditional touch, but the bathroom also can have it. It is more special because you have it in the basement. The cabinet color, sink model, and faucet are the total traditional touch of the bathroom. It blends perfectly as the floor has a unique pattern.

White Brick Farmhouse Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom ideas small spaces
Rudloff Custom Builders

This bathroom is covered with black and white patterned on the floor. It makes a pretty farmhouse style for the basement bathroom. Then, the brick theme on the wall brings you back to the past era. Furniture used here with wooden touch and marble countertop is a great choice for the farmhouse chic.

Brown Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom ceiling ideas
Metro Building and Remodeling Group LLC

Some of the luxury touches are in this bathroom. You can see from the shower, holder, mirror frame, towel holder, and faucet. Even it is small but has a significant impact on the bathroom feeling. You will not feel like in the basement while having this decor. Then, the brown accent on the wall and cabinet shows that this is simple yet luxurious.

All White Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom ideas pictures
Vertical Construction Group LLC

When your home goes with the white concept, and you can use this bathroom design even for the basement. You don’t need the transparent glass for the shower part, but using a hanging white curtain is enough. Then, your furniture must also be in white, such as tub, cabinet, sink, and granite countertops. This white can bring a classic touch.

Cottage Style Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom flooring ideas
Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

This area is quite a big bathroom for the basement. Despite, once you use this model, it will last forever. The bathroom is also completed with a wood cabinet, grey wall, and marble countertops. These fixtures can bring you back but still feel the luxury.

Fresh Basement Bathroom Remodel

basement bathroom design ideas
Catalyst Construction & Remodeling

If you want a simple design yet refreshing, this idea can be your choice. The tub and sink separated with the wall, which gives a compact area of the bathroom. Then, you can add the minimalist shelf for storing your towel. Further, the special here is the cabinet model and mirror that show the freshness.

Light Craft Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom ideas low ceiling
Classic Cottages LLC

Most of the material in this bathroom has a wooden accent. You can see it from the floor that was used. Small wooden plates create a good view of the bathroom. Then, the countertops on the sink also have a wooden accent. It is good to remind you about nature.

White Natural Basement Bathroom

basement half bathroom ideas
Keiana Photography

This bathroom has a unique feature and decor. The hallway is filled with a pattern floor that gives a classic accent. Then, on the shower part, it has a wooden touch from the flooring till the tub. This part is interesting and gives you a fresh feeling.

Small Basement Bathroom Ideas

For the small basement bathroom, there is some consideration that you must put in to make it look wide. You can play with the color of the wall or the floor. It can have a significant effect. Then, don’t forget to have the right light fixture. Below are some small bathroom ideas.

Corner Shower Bathroom

unfinished basement bathroom ideas
Winkelman Design

This idea will fit with your basement and timeless design. The bathroom has a small part of the shower with transparent glass. Then, it is more beautiful with multicolored flooring. Further, the wooden cabinet and black countertop on the sink give the owner a satisfying feeling.

Trendy Small Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom remodel ideas
Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

This bathroom has a complete fixture, even in the small basement. Something interesting here is the yellow block that is given as the bordering shower and another part. Then, the sink, mirror, and simple shelf add the value of the bathroom.

Small Country Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom shower ideas
Floor and Bath Design

It is an interesting idea where the tub and sink area are close. With white porcelain on the wall and gray flooring, this idea can give you a clean look. Then, a complete fixture as the main bathroom is an important thing that is had by this small basement bathroom. Further, you can add a heated floor in this useful bathroom.

Sleek Small Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom tile ideas
Cypress Design Co.

What is interesting here is the flooring used. With mosaic orange tile flooring, it creates a fresh feeling. If you use this idea for a guest bedroom in the basement, your guest will not complain about anything and praise you for the bathroom. Even if it’s small, the color combination makes it like a spacious and clean room.

Blue and Gray Small Basement Bathroom

finished basement bathroom ideas
A.S.D. Woodworks.com

When you open the door, you will directly face the shower and toilet, but still be fine with this. The color combination here makes the room cozy and warm. In this limited space, you must cleverly use the room, and this idea is a great deal. An only used neutral fixture like the white or gray color is enough for making it great.

Basement Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

The basement bathroom cost you spend will depend on where it is located and the fixture you will use. Why? The location here determines how many pipes will be used. If it is near the plumbing, it will save some money. Then, the fixture, such as toilet, sink, faucet, or even bathtub, will be another consideration. You must carefully choose the fixture to lower down the budget.

Cheap Basement Bathroom Design:

The cheap here means that you can save some money on adding a basement bathroom. If you have basic carpentry or electrical, it will be useful because you save money on hiring the worker. Then, the material used needs to be put on your list. Don’t forget that even it’s cheap; your bathroom should have style as well.

1. Mid-sized Contemporary Basement Bathroom

basement bedroom and bathroom ideas
KP Construction

In this mid-sized bathroom, you can see that it has several important fixtures. Only using the same tile on the floor and wall is one way of saving the cost. Then, some light fixtures and wall decor to beautify the room sometimes needed.

2. Small Cheap Basement Bathroom

bathroom basement ideas
The Room Kit

In the small area, of course, you can save your cost here. With the mosaic tile, you will not need many tiles to install. Then, the fixture used here is simple yet gives a sleek and modern look for the basement bathroom.

3. Traditional Basement Bathroom

cool basement bathroom ideas
Allegiance Construction & Development, LLC

This traditional basement is simple and gives a compact effect for you. It has a shower and a simple sink and mirror. This feature is enough to make it precious with the black cabinet there. Further, the tile used here is in the small amount that saves your money.

Expensive Basement Bathroom Design:

If you have an amount budget for the basement bathroom, you can add some expense or set the bathroom with a luxurious theme. From the best tile flooring until the light fixture can be on your list to make it great. Need to remember, the fixture needs to work as well that makes it functional.

1. Daylight Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom floor ideas
Smithcraft Fine Construction

In this quite big bathroom, you can see that some precious fixtures have been installed. Even it has a shower part, but the freestanding bathtub on the outside is a unique idea. Then, you can complete the fixture with an undermount sink and flat-panel cabinet that will satisfy your style.

2. Large Farmhouse Basement Bathroom

ceiling ideas for basement bathroom
D&G Construction and Remodels

The vintage touch is bold here from the light fixture until the faucet is used. There are some mirrors installed, which means you can use this as a make-up area for some people. Then, the tile and cabinet use shows a farmhouse feeling yet expensive.

3. Large Minimalist Basement Bathroom

bathroom in basement ideas
Siena Signature Builders Inc.

Along the way, you will see a long mirror that is great for a luxury accent in this bathroom. The separated area of shower and toilet is a good idea in making a functional area. Then, a good mark here is the tile used for a warm feeling.

Basement Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

One part in the bathroom that needs attention is the ceiling. Even if you don’t always look at it, having a great finished ceiling is a great one. For the ceiling in the basement bathroom, it will be different from the common one. But, you can still have the decorative one and complete the style of the basement bathroom.

Pipe Ceiling for Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom pictures ideas
Renovations Group Inc

You know that you add the bathroom in the basement, and it may not allow having a high ceiling, but don’t worry as long as you create. Just like this bathroom, you don’t need to add any other material. The pipe can give a vintage effect to the small bathroom ceiling ideas. You only need to paint it and make sure that you will not touch your head.

Wooden Basement Bathroom Ceiling

cheap basement bathroom ideas
Brillo Home Improvements

If you decorate the bathroom with vintage style, this idea can be your option. With wood on the ceiling, it suits the furniture used. Make the color have the same tone, and it will be enough to feel the traditional style in the bathroom. The rustic bathroom decor is also appropriate in this bathroom.

Painted Gray Basement Bathroom Ceiling

small basement bathroom design ideas
Merrick Design and Build Inc.

A low ceiling can be a problem in the basement. You can overcome it just by painting that upper part. The choice is the matter. You can paint it gray, just like this bathroom. Being natural and keeping it clean is the most important thing. By having this style, it seems like you have unfinished basement ideas which are interesting.

Black-shined Basement Bathroom Ceiling

simple basement bathroom ideas
Noble Structures

With a good height of the ceiling, it will give an advantage in choosing the ceiling basement bathroom. Just like this, you can choose this material to put in the bathroom. The black color can match with the accent black on the furniture. Then, it will give a modern and sleek tone in the bathroom.

Full White Basement Bathroom Ceiling

modern basement bathroom ideas
The Consulting House Inc

In this retro basement bathroom, you can see that bright colors dominate the wall and furniture. You don’t need to add more color to the ceiling as the white is a neutral color. The color balance is essential, and this ceiling has it. Further, you can notice the shower head used. It is like the best shower head for low ceiling you can use.

Ceramic Tile Basement Bathroom Ceiling

log cabin basement half bathroom ideas

You can fulfill the bathroom with a tile from the floor to the ceiling. Tile is a great choice for the bathroom ceiling. It is easy to clean and waterproof material. Then, it can help you with lighting, which tile can reflect the light.

Basement Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Just like the ground part of the house, the basement can have many choices in flooring. But, many considerations come when choosing the best because the basement has some matter like dark, cold, wet, or even getting flooded. So, for the bathroom, you must carefully choose flooring as it is a wet area.

Tile Vinyl Flooring

small basement bathroom ideas on a budget
Lisa OBrien Interior Designs

This flooring is having a soft tone and works perfectly with the wall color. With a hexagon pattern, it can create a border of the bathroom and another area of the basement. Then, this material is also a good option for the bathroom because it can hold the water.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

unfinsihed basement to bathroom ideas

It is a common material for the floor and will work well in the bathroom. Even it is quite expensive, but the age of the tile can go in years. Then, the waterproof feature is one reason why it is suitable for the bathroom. This basement bathroom is comfortable with the porcelain tile floor.

White patterned Tile Flooring

tiles bathroom ideas basement
Grossmueller’s Design Consultants

In this rustic style bathroom, you need another part that supports the style. With black and white color on the floor, it is enough to highlight the rustic basement bathroom ideas. Then, the pattern can bring some memories back even in the basement bathroom.

White and Gray Tile Flooring

basement bathroom with tub design ideas
Kristen Manning Interiors LLC

You can use some color in the bathroom flooring to differ in each part. Just like this bathroom, there is two-color use, white and gray. The white set for shower part and gray sets for the toilet and sink part. This style is a great combination as long it doesn’t break your bathroom decor.

Multicolored Tile Flooring

basement bathroom ideas with tub only
Hill Custom Homes

This basement bathroom is quite interesting because of the fixture and the color used. The floor can be a sign that you entered the bathroom. With a small square and multicolored, it is suitable for a white wall and a black wooden cabinet.

Stone Basement Bathroom Flooring

basement bathroom ideas painted ceiling
Boyce Design and Contracting

The layout of the bathroom is great; even it is a basement bathroom. With a neutral color tone, the floor works perfectly in combining with the wall and wooden accent. There is a difference between the floor in the hallway and the shower part. It is good since the shower part needs waterproof and anti-slip flooring.

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There are several ideas that you can use for a basement bathroom. Don’t go with too simple designs if you can make them more precious. The comforts of the bathroom are still the priority side to side the decoration. Overall, having a basement bathroom can give you more advantages. The bathroom will not disappoint you and your guest.

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